My rocket so far so I think anyway


Nov 26, 2006
Kalamazoo, Mi
Ok so far with a big help and thank you from the people on this site I think this is what I will start with when my Rocket gets here.

Clearview Shield, Tune Boy (for future use probably not right away), D&D exhaust, drivers backrest, and then some chrome parts here and there. Maybe different shocks but I might ride it for a while first.

What ya all think? Am I missing anything?

I think you are good. I would start with the bare essentials then decide what will suit you best. The accessories aren't cheap so you don't want to but something only to have it sit in the garage on a shelf, my shelves are now full.
Saw off the bottom inch of the rear license plate bracket so you can use the high mount holes and show off more rear tire. Toss the rear plate reflector, too.

I would get the shield right away and wait on the tune boy. This bike is powerful enough to smoke any other cruiser and kill yourself 10 times over in stock tune. The rider is more important than the ECU for performance.

Exhaust improvements are wise, so the beast dos not sound like a sewing machine.

Rivco exhaust flange covers are very nice.

The suspension seems fine to me. The shocks are adjustable. You can set them up for a smooth, soft cruise or for hard cornering. I like stiff for cornering.
Can the tune boy be added and just wait to be tuned, or will it have to be used right away? I would like to get it for possible future use bu suggestion of the Tech at Life Cycle?

You can use it when ever. All you do after you receive the cable is hook it up and retreve the serial number from the ecu and email it to them. They generate a key code and send it back to you. The key code allows tuneboy to unlock the ecu. The software can be download off of their website for free. You are just basically paying for a cable and a key code.