Michelin Road Five

What’s the rwcommmeded wheel polish to get this look?
Actually I bought the 2014 Roadster used in 2018 and the wheels were in bad shape. I wish I had taken the before pictures to show what can be done with effort and work. I started with a polishing compound on a rotating Mothers ball on a drill but there were marks that did not come out. So…… the short story is I had to go back to 100 grit paper to get out the marks and oxidation. Then 200, 400, 600, 800, and finally 1200 paper. Then the polishing compound on the ball and finished with White Diamond finishing paste. The look is almost chrome like. Protect with a Ceramic nano coating. All this was done with the tires and wheels off the bike. Tripps ain’t wrong there wash plenty of elbow grease and time but as you can see they look as good or better than showroom new.