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Feb 25, 2006
I just got my Christmas Card from Jackson County Missouri and they would like me to send them about $325 personal property tax levied on my 2005 Rocket.

Bah Humbug... :mad:
Tom, I got mine too. I am puzzled though, how can they appraise my '01 F150 higher this year than last? Don't vehicles depreciate over time? Maybe I should sell now while it's gained value?
Personal property tax is just that... a tax on your personal property... ie not real estate. Things like cars, motorcycles, boats, trailers, trucks, farm equipment, livestock, and just about anything else they think they can get away with falls under this category.

It breaks down like this to a certain extent... cities get sales tax and real estate taxes, counties get personal property taxes, and the state gets income tax. I get screwed.

Ours went up also, and it has to do with the way the State of Misery has redefined the valuation of our property. Also... the morons around here keep passing every school tax increase that is put before them. Pig9r... compare your school tax levies to years past and you will find your increase. Don't get me wrong... I'm all for nice schools and decent salaries for teachers but you guys should see the layout we have here.. (and in Lee's Summit). Our two high schools have football stadiums that rival most NFL teams and both Blue Springs and Blue Springs South are rated in the top 10 NATIONALLY in football. Do we really need that rolling roof and the executive suites for high school football? And the diamond studded yard markers... that's a little much. Well, as long as we have them, we might as well keep them... right? :D

I guess I'm just a hopeless old fart that remebers buying motorcycles for a couple hundred bucks, putting less than a dollar in the tank to fill it up and not paying 22 different kinds of taxes on the darn thing...

Sorry... :soapbox: .... I'm done...

Don't be sorry about being done. Done is for a Sunday roast, before you eat it.:)

I don't want to get on the subject of teachers. We probably have a few on the forum so it is suffice to state that I'd like a job where I get paid for 12 months of work and work 9.

Everyone is taxed to death in this country and taxation without representation abounds everywhere. I guess it's all about exploitation of the middle class so that the gummit can prosper on every level.

Your PPT is replaced by my over-the-top insurance premium. In their own sly way, gummit bureaucracy keeps us guessing, and pockets nearly empty.:(

I'm anxiously awaiting (right) my real estate tax bill. I'd be happy to trade yours for mine and I don't even know what yours amounts to, but I'm 99% sure it's less.
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Tom, my levies are almost the same .047% increase, however the amount they appraised (the assessed value) my truck to determine its value to be taxed was increased. I thought real estate was the only thing that could appreciate over time. My '70 Bonneville has an assessed value of $20, my truck was $2,510 in '05 and is $2,780.00 in '06. Which is about a $22 increase in the personal property tax. Fortuneately I won't take the hit for the Rocket until next year.