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Jul 16, 2006
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Merry Christmas and a happy prosperous New Year to all from SidecarFlip / Flipmeister Specialty Products.

When I bought my Rocket, I never in my wildest dreams thought that some day in the future, I'd be producing motorcycle parts for my favorite brand of motorcycle. Without all of you, my extended family and friends and your support I would have never realized that dream.

I thank all of you for the opportunity to enjoy your company both on the forum and in person and I'm looking forward to many more enjoyable years associated with and Flipmeisters Specialty products.

I would especially like to thank;
Raymond Braswell (for the name Flipmeister). It's a catchy name. One that will be recognized for quality and a reasonable price.
Pig9r (for being my test subject and mentor) If I have a question about something, Pig9r is always ready and willing to help me out.
Tomo (for being a wealth of knowledge) and a **** good moderator too.
Rusty (for putting up with my techinical disertations in Nashville).
Painoman (Dave is a wonderful, generous person, a joy to know).
Jamie (for helping me get my products into the EU and always being a friend and mentor)
HeR3tic (for good commentary on the forum and supporting my products)
Busa Jack (without Jack's humor and wit, something is missing here)
Finally, the Webmaster of R3Owners and TRat. I deeply appreciate the latitude that Shawn, Tomo and Pig9r have allowed me in getting started with this venture.

and..........all my loyal customers who have purchased my products here on this website. Without loyal customers and friends, Flipmeister Specialty Products would not exist.

If everything progresses on schedule, sometime around mid January or a little before, Flipmeister Specialty Products have it's own webpage where you will be able to purchase my products as well as products that I endorse. My mission is and will always remain the same, Quality acessories and a reasonable price with a 100% moneyback guarantee.

May we all have many safe and trouble free miles aboard the best cruiser ever built. The Rocket III.

God Bless you all.
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Thanks Flip, I should be ordering the latest in bling as soon as Christmas is behind us. Merry Christmas to all you Captains out there!
Merry Christmas

Flip, vary few people find what they love to do its usually just work but if you love to do something and get paid for it thats fantastic.
Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years to you and all the Captans
to the flipmeister

Have ya got a thread on here with all them nifty products w/ pics?
Probally missed it somehow.
Thanks and y'all be careful,
to GOD be the glory,
Have ya got a thread on here with all them nifty products w/ pics?
Probally missed it somehow.
Thanks and y'all be careful,
to GOD be the glory,

Just go to the 'search' box on the left side top of the start page and type in 'Flipmeister'. You'll find them. Of course, you can wait until mid-January and you'll find Flipmeister in a banner ad here and I suspect on TRat too.

My belly is so full I can't bend over, all of the company has gone home, the back of my truck is overflowing with wrapping paper and boxes, so I know it was a great Christmas. I hope everyone had a great Holiday with friends and family. I too can see a set of handlebar clamps in my near future. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.