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Nov 30, 2006
Molino, FL
2017 Polaris Slingshot
Not sure which route I want to take for luggage, The leather "panniers" are not high on my list because they cannot be locked. LeatherLyke has lockable luggage but it seems that some of them have "cheap" locks. Does anyone know if they have improved this?

I found a company that makes hard luggage, name of company is Tsukayu, has anyone ever heard of them. The sight was pretty interesting, mainly available in black, they can do some different paint, but for the Rocket they only list Tornado Red which is not exactly the right shade I would be looking for (Sunset Red) so I may just stick with the black...any comments?

If I go "leather" the Triumph ones are pretty expensive and since I may need to get the "rails" for better support they are rapidly approaching a grand. Then there are always the "Buffalo" bags by Hepco and Becker...

I know a lot of you have the Corbin luggage and that is still on the table for me, but I was just wondering if there is some good quality lockable, strong luggage out there that is less expensive.

I will appreciate all comments.
I have not found the perfect solution. I ride to shooting matches and leave a pistol locked in the bags while I go eat and drink after the match. Leatherlykes have done the job so far, but shooting ranges are in safe, rural areas. Leatherlykes will also break out around the mount holes if overloaded with 20 pounds or more or if you hit a big pothole. Then you must add metal reinforcement to them.

Some VTX riders have recommended those Tsukayu hard bags.

I like hard leather or fake leather laminated to plastic for bags, they do not scratch when you dump the bike and they act as tip over bars and prevent damage to the bike. With painted bags you scratch them up if you tip over or rub against something. I had painted Cruiseliner bags on my first bike and they were excellent but scratched easily. I suppose one could quit drinking and then maybe not tip over so much.
My Corbins are great, except.. I have kids who ride, so I have a scratch or two on the lids. That's okay, I have a custom paint job planned. I really like my Corbins, they look good, lock good, and hold a bunch of stuff. I had thought about doing something like coverint the lids in black vinyl to keep the scratches down, but not sure how that would look. Really ,the are holding up very well through the abuse they get and clean up really nice.
Tourer equipped with paniers

You changed your mind didn't you. Now the added accessories (paniers and dresser rails) are up $1000 instead of your first $600 estimated all for a black engine :( The total cost estimate for Classic to Tourer upgrades is $1900 mol. Did I mention black shows dirt more readily.
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Still $600

The price that I was dealing with was $600 more for the Classic set up the same as the Tourer with the leather Triumph bags, however that did not include the "rails" so it's another $130 on top of that. So anything under that will decrease the price, I can always get the Corbins and I have a price on that as well, just no discounting it from what I understand.

Thanks for the input guys, I know what you mean about the leather not showing scratches, but I've had two Gold Wings now and haven't really run into a problem with scratching them at all, of course they have those luggage guards also...and I haven't dropped the Wing yet (though I understand that is only a matter of time, everyone does it sooner or later, but the guards are supposed to work well). If I get the hard bags I may look into the Triumph rear guards and see if they will fit for some protection in case of a spill.

Now if they just made some decent, strong engine guards...haven't been too impressed yet with the comments on the Triumph or Rivco ones.

25 days to go.