Jack's Old Geezer Bike

Bet thats one squirrely ***** at 180 Eh..Piggy I've got that same bike but It has two front wheels..I'll try to find it..BJC
For some reason., I have lots of empathy for her hubby (just can't picture him as a casual lover).

The poor sod probably bought the Busa to escape from her in the first place.
And he is now hauling her lardass full-time.

Think of all the miserable concessions and sordid compromises he had to go through to get screwed:

- Darling, once again it's me OR the bike ! (while munching on her third BigMac of the day)
- It's YOU honey! (while concealing his Cycle World issue under the napkin)
- So, I have told you, the bike has to go!
- (...)
- (...)
- Well, what if I modified it a bit, made it more comfy to you, safer for the both of us, no, no, no, turned it into something that's definitely not another two-wheeler ... ?
- What dayya mean?
- You always wanted a convertible, right?
- Oh! Darling, once again, you WIN!

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If she falls back onto those tires at about 130MPH how high do you think it would launch her??? Jamie your a hoot...BJC
:roll:Funny! Funny stuff there Jamie :bch: Butt, good God! What is his affliction? Other than an affinity for ugly?

It that a Ford tractor seat under her lard-ass. If it's not he should consider that as his next enticement for, dare I say a little, piece :D You could tap a different flap of fat weekly and get a bit of strange at least 52 times a year.

But, back to Pig9r's post, I saw a somewhat similar ride with a Subaru pan-cake engine trike shorty ago. Similar in that it day the high wing as well. It had a bit more ass end plastic. It was a sharp three wheeler. The Busa is as well! The rear tires on the Busa look like Cooper Zeon 2XS.
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