Hi from throttlegripper


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Dec 29, 2007
Newcastle, Australia
I recently purchased a black R3 07 and since then have discovered this web site and R3owners.com, which I also recently joined. The wealth of information and help is fantastic. The R3 has giving me renewed excitement for riding.
I just purchased the Flipmeisters products including the saddle bag stiffeners, which I should receive in a week or two. Since this photo was taken I've installed Staintune pipes with spaghetti box. Anyway great to be here look forward to meeting you.
Regards throttlegripper
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Hello and welcome,
Nice looking bike, especially the seat with matching backrests. What kind of seat is that, and where can I get one? Rademis

Welcome aboard throttlegripper. Keep us posted on the nice rides you are taking while some of us sit at home waiting for the weather to get a little better...meaning no more snow and ice...:D. Nice looking ride...goodday..SB.
Thanks for the welcome, Rademis the seat with back rest is from Triumph, I had it installed from new. My lower back has a herniated disc and I simply wouldn't be able to ride far without it. It has plenty of adjustment. A bit like sitting in a chair. I also had the cruiser handle bars installed, as they come back further than the standard ones and suit my riding position perfectly.Yes we are in summer at the moment, but this last week we've had a lot of rain. I love getting out of town and riding up the valley any chance I can. I have four brothers who also ride bikes and its good to get together. Where planing a two day trip at the moment.
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