Greetings from Kabul


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Nov 30, 2006
Molino, FL
2017 Polaris Slingshot
Just celebrated my 54th birthday today. Currently I have a 2006 Honda Gold Wing / Nav. I hope to be adding a 2007 Rocket III Classic or Classic Tourer (wish it came with the black engine) when I return home next spring. This appears to be a great forum, hope to pick up a lot of tips here. I live in Molino, FL when I am stateside (north of Pensacola).
Have previously owned a 1966 Honda 305 Superhawk, 1968 Superhawk, 1981, Yamaha 400 Heritage, 1983 Yamaha Seca 650, 1985 Yamaha Seca 900, 1987 Yamaha Virago 1100, 1984 Yamaha 1200 Venture Royale, 2001 Kawasaki 1500 Vulcan Nomad Classic, 2003 Honda GL1800 Gold Wing.
Thanks for having me.
Happy birthday and welcome. I have a co-worker who has spent the past year in Afghanistan with the Army. I always look forward to reading his emails because he is such a great story teller and he is always and it seems new material is easily found over there. His latest was about transporting some goats by helicopter. Are you there with the military or a contractor?

There is a lot of good info archived around here and I try to stick the good stuff in the Prop Wand FAQ. You might check with a Triumph dealer and have them call their sales rep to see if you could get a Touring model with a black engine. In '06 you could get any model with either a black or silver engine. If not there is always BBQ grill black in a can.:D
Thanks for your service Dennis, Happy Birthday, and welcome.

I too like the black engine. When and if i get tired of the silver, I'll paint it black.
Nice array of motorcycles. Looks like the Rocket will be your first Brit bike.

I would be surprised if you can't round up a Classic Tourer or Classic with a black engine. Hinckley(Triumph plant) probably isn't sure EXACTLY what will come across the pond in 2007.

Don't be a stranger.

Looking at your list of bikes makes me think you actually had a dealership.:roll:

Glad you enjoy the site and I know between us all, we can usually find the answer to most questions. At 54 you're either career service or dedicated civilian. Either way I say THANK YOU for your service and look forward to getting a post saying you're home safe and sound. That's from one Old Cassion.

I keep several soldiers supplied with real food in Iraq. Give us a mailing address and I know we could put together a "CARE PACKAGE" for you. Anything special you'd like for us to include?

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My Mother in Law lives in Pensacola... she is so short that when she drives she has to use a periscope... I'm sure you haven't seen her...

Thanks for doing what you do... and be safe over there. And welcome to our little website, maybe we can brighten your day..:D


PianoMan, thanks for the offer, but I'm doing pretty good over here, I'm sure there are some more deserving military people that would appreciate those efforts. My wife takes good care of me. I work for KBR and work next to the chow hall, so I am trying to continue my efforts to get below 220 before I come home for good.

As far as the black engine, the "Classic Tourer" model "supposedly" comes in the silver engine configuration only. The suggestion about the black spray paint may have some merit to it. I may go after the Classic (Phantom Black/Sunset Red...the red matches my current Dark Red Gold Wing helmets) and just get the Beetle bags, heated grips, windshield and lowers, sissy bar/luggage rack with pad and pay the extra. I't just that I would have saved around $1,200 if the Classic Tourer had come with the black paint.
Oh well, that's life.
You guys enjoy the holidays.
Hey Molinoman,thanks for your service and I'm here in P'cola and got mine at D&D's.You can get what you want just e-mail them at to Travis or Julie or anyone really.Order now so they can get it in.They put a sidecar on one vets machine so he could take his dog along.We need to hook up when you get in.IM me and we can set it up.Look forward to swapping the bull.