Good start at the dyno


Jun 23, 2006
Thanks to Miami Dave for the PC III install instructions. Dynojet's instructions were just a bit lacking. With a Seagram's hangover, it only took me 45 minutes to hook it up, which included dropping in Tuneboy's Jardine tune as the ECU map.

The tuner ran into a problem early on. He was doing the fuel trim thing on the 1st fuel map, assuming that the trims would carry over to the other 2 maps. Well they didn't. He didn't charge me for that time wasted.

He downloaded the Jardine map from the Dynojet website. It only had 1 fuel map, so he stayed with the 1 fuel map thing, which I totally agreed.

He only tuned at 100% throttle today because I had time limitations - I had my kid with me. That A/F line was right on 13 throughout the entire RPM range. I ended up pulling 146.77 / 152.53. On that dyno my bike has pulled as high as 149 RWHP by leaning things out, but it doesn't feel like it's pulling as hard when leaned out.

Even with the tuner only tuning at 100% throttle, the bike was silky smooth all the way to the redline on the way home. Finally a good tune with a good A/F line, and the tuner is only 15 minutes from my house. This was my first and certainly not my last experience with Power Commander.
He did about 10 pulls in a couple of hours, which includes some time to let the engine cool off.

I've got an appointment in 2 weeks to have him finish all of the throttle positions. It's about time I ran into some good luck with tuning this bike.