Apr 1, 2006
Overland Park, Kansas USA
Let me start by saying I've never been accused of knowing a lot about motorcycles. I just buy them, ride them and have a few phone numbers handy when something doesn't work right. With that said, here's the story.......

I was at Home Depot and after buying the needed light bulb I walked out to the R3. I had, as I always do, locked the handle bars with the key. Hopped on, unlocked the handle bars, turned the ignition key to on and everything lit up except the speedometer and tachometer.

(This is where a few choice expletive deleted words came into fruition)

Turned the key back off and then on again. Same result (see line in parenthesis above)

Even went back into the locked position and started from scratch. NOTHING!

I called TOMO but only got the answering machine. Left a message and immediately called Pig9r. He had me check the headlights because the bike won't run with only 1 headlight working. They were both on. Also thought it might be a blown fuse. Well, that takes me out of the equation as I was in a fairly dark part of the lot with no flashlight. (I'm going to Walmart this evening and get one)

I broke down ( not mentally....that happened years ago) and called Bros Club Motorcycle Road Service. I took out a policy in July of 2006 for 2 years so it was still valid. Very courteous phone operator and the tow truck arrived within 45 minutes.

Funny Side Note: Probably 35 to 40 people walked by, stopped to say how much they liked the bike or a few were Triumph owners of other models. Not wanting anyone to know it wasn't working, I just kept remarking that if my girlfriend doesn't get out here soon...... I'm going to leave her inside!

Back to the epic. Tow driver got it loaded, strapped down and to the house. As we're pulling up, TOMO called back and said, " You know, you might just try the KILL SWITCH because sometimes people walk by and hit it just for the hell of it. I told him I'd check just as soon as the bike was unloaded.

Of course he had to turn the auto rpm controller up high to operate the hydraulics and also turned on every light he had including the rotating bars on top, bright cab lights that light up the bed and a couple of strobes thrown in at no extra cost. Now I've got every house in the neighborhood opening doors, pulling up shades and a few walking outside to see what all the lights and noise is about. I'll be the brunt of wise ass comments for at least a week.

I signed the form and went to sit on the bike. I reached over and felt the KILL SWITCH sitting in the wrong position. I flipped it toward me, turned the key and Voila..... everything was back to normal except I turned the key back off because I didn't want the driver seeing me pull in the garage under my own power. That would be too embarrassing.

He leaves, I start the bike and drive in. The garage door closes and as I turn it off I look up and there's my 14.5 pound attack poodle sitting by the kitchen door with her head cocked to the side about 45 degrees and a look of wonderment on her face. That just sucks when your dog even knows you're a bloomin' idiot.

Well, if I come away with anything from this adventure it's this:

1. Always check the KILL SWITCH
2. Carry extra fuses with you
3. Carry a flashlight
4. Carry a pen to write down the Bros Club Confirmation Number
5. Carry an extra headlight bulb
6. Have a cover story ready when you're waiting for the tow truck

And this one is most important

7. Try to look calm, cool and collected! :cool:

I'm through venting now so here's a special thanks to TOMO and PIG9R.
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I would imagine that some people push kill switches for the same reason they call in fake pizza delivery orders........just to watch the ensuing action. If that was the case then you provided some great entertainment for a couple of snotty little adolescents with a sick sense of humor.

On the other hand you might have accidentally done it your self. I have accidentally hit mine at freeway speeds.
it's a hell of a crazy thing to be feeling foolish and relieved at the same time....... i know how it is... just went through the same thing with the wiring .....
turned out to be a loose/faulty connector......:eek:

No shame in it.

I did the same thing with my boat about 9 years ago. It had one of those kill switches you attach to your life vest. It got pulled out some how, and after an Hour with the lid up trying to get it started someone finnaly came by and towed me to the dock. I no sooner got it tied off and my friend asked what the pretty red line was for with the snap at the end.:kk:
Kind of looked foolish getting towed in then turning around and starting it up to drive away. :rolleyes:
We just held our beers in the air and said we needed ice and wanted to save gas money for more beer. :bch:
I had a moment on ole Roadstar...

Went out riding with my Harley buddies and they giving me grief about riding a 'Harley clone' and my response had always been 'At least I can get on mine and ride without having to add oil'.

Well, this time it bit me bad.

We'd gone no more than 1/2 mile when the bike started to spudder and then just died. I was freaking out. It had power. It was trying to turn over but wouldn't catch to save my life. After 15 minutes of trying to figure out why it wouldn't start, I told'em to go on without me and I started to push it back to the house.

I finally get it back to the house and I can't push it up the driveway because of the incline. I'm pissing and moaning and gripeing at my wife (who rides). She's offering to help and all she's getting in return in grief.

I storm off to go call a tow truck to take in to have it looked at. I'm on the phone and I hear the bike start up and then shut off.

The wife comes storming in the house... walks by me and gently yells....

'turn on the **** gas.... dumbass'

I had somehow hit the gas shutoff switch and didn't realize and didn't think to check because it's never off.

As everyone can see, we all have grey moments...:D

You are not the Lone Ranger. I did it too. Someone flipped the Kill Switch when mine was parked outside of the Out-Back several months ago. I didn't go the wrecker route before I figured out the problem, but I did start checking fuses. Look at this way, you know your Road Service works.
You should have seen me checking all of my fuses in the dark, and then my buddy pushing me and that heavy beast all over the parking lot trying to jump start it. He went home to get his trailer and at some point it dawned on me to check the kill switch:kk:
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You are not the Lone Ranger. I did it too. Someone flipped the Kill Switch when mine was parked outside of the Out-Back several months ago. I didn't go the wrecker route before I figured out the problem, but I did start checking fuses. Look at this way, you know your Road Service works.

At least you didn't loose your helmet..........................
This might be another good reason to always use the kill switch. Triumph doesn't put it there to serve as an ornament. I use it and its automatic every time I stop. No, I'll never get to it in a panic, but with a windscreen in place its a much easier way to quiet the beast. Key on, kill swich on, side stand up clutch engaged. " Lite the Fuse":flame:
I'm of the impression that all motorcycle manufacturers integrate a kill switch not because they want to but because it's a required safety item and an item of standardization just like moving the shift and brake levers from the old brake-left, shift-right to what is the standard today. Just like DRL's.

I'll stand for correction on that if I'm wrong, but that's my assumption.