Full Blown

That there was my latest project, B4 my new RIII came into my life.
Tis an original MonkeyWards Dune Runner 3Wheeler. The first of the several American made 3-wheelers; before Japan got into the act (late 60s early 70s). Fully revamped and upgrade from orig. 5hp Briggs to now 13hp (GX390) honda with Peerless gearbox and CVT trany system, also upgraded chaindrive and rear end. Clocked at 65mph on the Scorpion knobbies. I've not taken the govenor off. There are street legal tires that i've considered installing and then registering for it highway use; we're fairly liberal here in Alabama, BION. Then the Rocket came to me. The low-rider is hell on the back bone, except paved roads. No suspension aside from the Ford tractor seat and matching spring. It is SOO...OO fun! Anyone do blueberries??? or Asparagus???
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