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Sep 6, 2015
2006 Classic
Hi all, been a while since!
I have recently "burnt out" my clutch (2007 Classic). the friction plates are well below thickness, so I ordered a new set of EBC, eventually!
At the moment they're like rocking horse excrement, so I was pleased to find some, & a set of EBC stronger springs.
I would have loved a Barnett set, but, on top of an oil & filter change (oil had only been in less than 100 miles) gaskets & coolant replacement I simply cant afford it.
Anyway, my question is this, OE has the first & last plates different to the rest & each other, (T1170026 & T1170051) but the EBC set I have just received has only one plate that's different, the other 9 are all the same.
Is this right/acceptable?
why are those plates different?
Is the Barnett kit like this?
Are the 'Busa sets like this?
I've struggled to find any mention online, so I don't want to build it all up to find out I shouldn't have!!!
Well I managed to get through to EBC HQ & the techy bloke told me the kit was correct.
EBC kits for the Triumph Rocket have 9 plates the same & one with a larger internal diameter.
i presumed this one would go on the inside, with the anti judder washers & that,
but he told me that these kits do away with the anti judder (like Barnett kits?) & the odd one goes on the outside.
So there we have it!!