Exhaust Popping with aftermarket mufflers..


Living Legend
Feb 25, 2006
When we were out riding the other day with Pig9r and his 2006 Rocket he pointed someting out. He has the cat by pass and Mad Doggies and yet his bike wasn't popping out the exhaust like the 2005's do. No Power Commander or Tune Boy. Has anyone else with a 2006 and an aftermarket exhaust experienced this? Did Triumph do something to the ECM to correct this? I think he is running the same 2005* tune we all are.

Very Strange indeed......


.020 Over
Mar 9, 2006
A lot of the times , well most of the times Air leaks cause the popping you hear, I had a friend buy a set of TORs and the dealer ( Who is a complete retard and thats not being fair to the retards out there) spent hours trying to tune my friends bike with now luck. a few hours and some high temp silicone and no more popping
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