Exhaust Modification Update


Nov 16, 2010
Del City Ok
2023 Triumph R3 GT, 2022 Moto Guzzi V85TT,
When I got my R3 about 6 weeks ago it had a huge muffler on it from a Yamaha Warrior. Nice and quite but lots of back pressure , and looked like a small water heater. The previous owner had installed it to get rid of some loud drag looking pipes.
I installed a super trap Universal .24 inch long. Played a bit with the baffles. Ended up with nine. Did the 12 minute tune up.
Went a bit over 150 miles with that set up . Today I pulled the plugs to replace them . Their color was a tan color, maybe a bit on the light side. This tells me I am very close to the perfect setting . A tan color is what you will get if your air/fuel mixture is just right. I was told that if I did not take it to the dealers computer top have it reset , I could do very serious damage.
Plugs are now and have always been the best indicator of what is going on.
Sounds like you are on the right track however you are are still flying by the seat of your pants. Does the bike boog any when you blip the throttle? Do you have any back firing indicating a lean A/F ratio. Lets face it, unless you are able to put it on a dyno and set the A/F ratio at idle, at highway crusing speeds and at wot, your are just guessing.
If it were mine, I would invest in a PCIII and take it to a dyno tuner and have it dialed in and that way you will know what you got. But that is me.

Big T
I have been the PC III route with a couple of other bikes . May work for some but not for me. Been flying by the seat of my pants for 49 years on bikes.
I agree that the pluga are a good indication as to how the bike is firing. Thanks for the feedback! Nice job on picking the supertrapp. If you can upload a sound bite. Its something different that I havent seen or heard. Gotta sound raspy!:D

Light tan IS that slightly lean condition we were telling you about. But you do what you want, as long as you're happy.
Not sure why you asked the question if you weren't going to listen to an answer, but whatever.

why dont you go and get a power run on the dyno.Cheap to do and check your air/fuel.If you ride in hot weather and push the bike alot and its a bit lean,any thing could happen.
One trip to the dyno and get a couple of pulls with the sniffer would sure be cheap insurance. Just my 2 cents. Peace of mind is worth the bill.
dyno costs?

What are you guys paying to get a dyno run?
cheap to do??
I was under the impression that its between $275-$375.
Mine was $200 and resulted in an additional 7bhp and 6fpt over the canned PCIII D&D w/triple K&N tune. I didn't have the canned tune in for more than a few days, so I couldn't say what the mileage was. But I do know that the exhaust gas wasn't right until after the custom tune.
The cost your talking about is for a dyno tune. A single dyno pull shouldn't cost you more than $50-$75.