Cleaning the Rocket's Rims


.020 Over
Jul 3, 2007
East Haven, Connecticut USA
If anyone is looking for a good aluminum cleaner for your rims try Mothers Billet Metal Polish, works great but a lot of hard work. I’ve been at it all afternoon. You don’t want those rims to get dirty because once it’s in the aluminum it a real bit_ch to get out, if at all.
I Have Been Using Soft Scrub On The Aluminum And Chrome On My Bikes For Years. When Using Soft Scrub It Leaves A White Residue (like Wax) Use Just Wipe It Off. On Aluminum With A Little Scrubing It Will Take Little Imperfections Out. It Takes Off Tar Or Heel Marks Off Of The Chrome Exhaust With Just A Little Bit Of Scrubbing. It Leaves A Really Nice Shine.
"cleaned your rim" my a$$ Flip.

You probably haven't clean your "rim" since ........................:eek: