Amazing Barn Find!!

1978 Bonnie.... The previous owner said he hadn't ridden it since 2001 but said it would start. He hooked up a battery charger (battery was completely dead), poured in some fresh tractor gas and it started on the second kick. It hit on the first kick (after he "tickled" the carbs) but it didn't start. I have to pick it up this weekend, its up in Iowa (Imagine that). One free chicken and as many free cats as I want.. :D
Congrats! I can't wait to see the transformation.:bch:

They didn't happen to have a '66 AC Cobra in there did they???
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That is neat. Looks like it will clean up pretty good once all the barn dust is washed off. I picked up a Bonneville this weekend also... but.. alas, it was of the Pontiac variety.. One of these days I'll pick up another one.. :)
Congrats Tomo, that should be a fun project. I would say its a candidate for a sidecar.

Glad to see there is a bike out there that is dirtier than mine....:D
Good Job Tomo

Nothing better than a good barn find. Doesn't look all that bad under the dirt and chicken doo. Keep us posted on the rebirth. What was the mileage just out of curiosity?
Speedo said 7XXX, but the speedo cable is broken, so true mileage unknown.

Half of the resto will be washing it. I may just fix her up as a runner, use it to go back and forth to work. It needs a tail light lens (already have one), a speedo cable, probably will have to disassemble the speedo and lube that bushing in there, that's what breaks all those cables. Carbs need to be gone through. I'll probably send those out to be sleeved. I'll put a Radio Shack full wave bridge rectifier in it and replace the Lucas rectifier, when you do that you magically get twice the amps out of the alternator. The chain has been replaced and was tight, but needs to be cleaned and lubed. Tires hold air. Its hard to tell at this point what it will look like cosmetically. Who knows what the rest of it is like :D, it will be fun...

Great find.

How did I know that binning the Lucas parts would feature near the top of your "to do" list?

Remember when visitng the darkside had nothing to do with tire choice and Mr Lucas was known as the Prince of Darkness?

Good luck with the restoration

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