A big waste of time?


Top Fuel
Mar 8, 2006
Carthage N.C. U.S.A.
Ok, here's the latest on my dealings with the dealer and Triumph on my noise and vibration. At first, the service manager at Meyers Motorcycles said Triumph did not want him to go into my bike unless the noise got worse, even though he told them the vibration and noise were twice as bad on mine as their demo bike. I talked Steve [The service manager.] into driving it again and paying attention to how it smoothed out when you pull in on the clutch lever just a little. He then called Triumph back. Now they have him pulling the clutch out of my bike to look it over. I think they are chasing their tails, but I understand that Steve has to do what Triumph tells him to. I know that someone on one of the other forums has been through this same thing with the clutch.:(
You see Wilbur the noise is not loud enough to define the problem. Triumph wants you to "buck up" and ride the silly bi-itch till it stops dead in it's tracks, hopefully not taking you with it.

I hope for you sake this can be sorted in a safer manner. Like Punisher said" "Best of luck mate"