three sisters

  1. Son_Of_Dog

    Son of the Mad Dog; Three Sisters Advice

    Hey all, I'm the older son mentioned in this thread: Critique this ‘ 08 Touring I ended up going with the first bike on the thread, so I'm now the proud owner of an '08 Touring with a two tone paint job. It's the first bike I've owned, but seeing as the first one I rode was Dad's '08 I guess I...
  2. 1olbull

    Three Sisters Four

    OK, OK, I tried to wait ya'al out and I loose! 3 Sisters 4 October 24 - 28 (Wednesday evening arrival - Sunday morning departure = 4 nights) Please sign up if attending: 1olbull - 1 or 2 peeps - 1 or 2 motors WyldCFH - 2 peeps - 1 bike Rocket Scientist -2 peeps-1 bike 40smith - 2 peeps - 1...
  3. 1K9

    Three Sisters Best of the Best

    377 to Camp Wood, 55 north to Rock Springs with a food stop @ Chill's. Ride back on 335 south. We hear that King Burgers is also very good.
  4. 40mmrrsmith

    Anyone interested in doing Three Sisters this year?

    Just wondering if there was any interest in riding the Sisters this year. When the weather gets cool/cold is time for me to ride. If I don't do the sisters,I think I'll try to make Big Ben this year. Anyone interested?