1. Dennis Sumlin

    Empty slot with filler panel on right handlebar switch block ?

    Can anyone tell me what this would be for if the bike were equipped with whatever it may be. Mostly curious, but f there is a switch to fit the area I may be able to use it for an aux power, heated grips or lights.
  2. Ishrub

    90.5mm/3.56'' Instrument Pod or light mounts for 39mm bars -

    These should work on my 1.5"(38mm) NZ Thunderbars or Fehling 38mm crash bars to mount things - have to measure the Roadster's pods. I could buy two and butt the squared off cable tray sections together to mount two instrument pods above and behind or flush with the bars. Specifications...
  3. RacerX74

    Want to Buy Speedo pod

    Looking for a replacement speedo case / pod black ideal but chrome will do cheers
  4. R3noob

    Triumph clock repairs

    Good afternoon, I have a Triumph time clock (in the chrome plastic pod) and it doesn't work :-( Does anyone have a contact name of someone who can repair them? I understand they are hard to come by so it would be nice to get mine repaired. Thanks guys (and girls)