longhaul seat

  1. RocketMan3

    Longhaul seat

    Hey guys does anyone have a single saddle longhaul seat with the backrest attachment that they want to sell (like the one in the pic)...cheers
  2. Camptc

    For Sale SOLD Testing water for Touring Dual long haul with backrest

    I'm thinking of changing to a different seat and wanted to gauge interest on a touring longhaul seat with rider backrest. Retail setup is around $580 (current EBay listings for new) I'd sell for $350 plus shipping/pickup. Located in Mid TN.
  3. LongHaul seat and Utopia backrest.......

    Hello everyone. I have a new 15 R3T with the OEM seat. I have on order a Utopia backrest. If I decide to buy a LongHaul seat in the future, will the Utopia be able to be installed on the LongHaul? The Utopia and the LongHaul backrests cost about the same, so I'm wondering if I should bite the...
  4. kingmerle

    WTB dual longhaul seat

    I have a big trip planned in two weeks. Planning on traveling 2k in 8 days. Just decided I need to upgrade my seat. NO ONE KEEPS THESE THINGS IN STOCK SO THERE IS NO QUARENTEE i COULD GET ONE BEFORE i LEAVE. Does anyone have one they want to pass on. If so I am very interested.
  5. Battersea

    Longhaul Seat

    Have just completed the first long trip on my Classic and found that my backside started to complain after a couple of hours of non-stop riding. Never had this problem on my H-D Fatboy so am assuming the Rocket seat and my bum ain't quite compatible. Anyone know how the standard Classic seat...