1. Joesmoe

    Maybe we can drum up some demand for Flipmeister Signature Products

    Daryl Davis, aka Flipmeister, is very much alive and in business, having finally caught one of my emails in his spam filter, so he says. In any case, he's out of the "Touring" radiator insert, though he has the "2300" and "Classic" in stock. I purchased one of his "low stock" brake line metal...
  2. Anomaly

    4000 miles on new bike, rear brake squeal

    Bought a 2015 R3T new old stock a few days over 2 months ago. I've put 4000 miles on it and all the sudden it's developed a rear brake squeal. I've seen some other posts about this around 20K but not at this few of miles. Has anyone else experienced this on their bike?