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  1. RazMan

    2005 speedo dead

    Nice job! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
  2. RazMan

    2005 speedo dead

    Most of the aftermarket Speedos have very similar wiring requirements so you probably have most of the info in that thread. Have a look at Acewell if you prefer the more traditional approach.
  3. RazMan

    Fuel Tank Upgrade

    ...... or how about a Hillbilly solution - swap one of the panniers for a 5 gallon Jerry can and connect it up to the fuel pump!! Loads of extra range!! :roll::laugh:😁
  4. RazMan

    Deceleration pops after Penner Remap

    Ah the Wizard known as Millyard 😎😎😎😎
  5. RazMan

    Decel popping

    Just reviving an old thread because I have a question to ask the TuneECU gurus :) After doing the 'Meerkat Mod' I now have quite a lot of decel popping - many people love it (like me) but I would like to tone it down just a bit. Looking at the L tables, the 0% hPa = 0 in the table. If I want to...
  6. RazMan

    Fuel Tank Upgrade

    Eh? I thought the tank capacity is 18.8 litres so increasing it to 24 litres = 5.2 litres extra :whitstling:
  7. RazMan

    Fuel Tank Upgrade

    Very subtle mod but the extra gallon is always useful on our bikes. So did they cut'n'shut it, putting in a band of steel? Did you have any problems with the mounting points? Got any pictures of the process? At least it won't be as wide as my old RIII with fibreglass bearclaw covers on both...
  8. RazMan

    Rocket 3 GT Exhaust Mod from Meerkat!!!!

    I went for option 1 :thumbsup:
  9. RazMan

    Carbon front fender extension

    The top 4 screws have captive nuts in the brackets - it only takes a couple of minutes to remove :thumbsup:
  10. RazMan

    Carbon front fender extension

    While you've got the fender off it is worth putting some thin rubber strips on the bracket - this is a common source of squeaks.
  11. RazMan

    Rocket 3 GT Exhaust Mod from Meerkat!!!!

    I decided to entrust the modification to my local welder - its the kind of stuff I usually love to do myself but I currently have a shoulder injury which makes the use of power tools very painful. I got the silencer assembly off in about 15 minutes (just three bolts and a clamp), removed all of...
  12. RazMan

    Possible new 2005 Owner

    Also worth asking if the tank filter & fuel pipes have been replaced recently. The recent change to E10 fuels means that the internal pipes are swelling and causing leaks with associated drop in fuel pressure.
  13. RazMan

    Ignition Switch?

    As MIG said, the clutch switch is a common fail on the early models - certainly worth a check
  14. RazMan

    Powerbronze Powerblade for GT

    I might have a shot at doing this myself :roll:
  15. RazMan

    Under tail fender

    If you want a better alternative to the 'floating' license plate have a look at the Evotec tail tidy. A bit pricey but precision engineered and tough as old boots.
  16. RazMan

    Odometer +2 ???

    Just a thought, but if the speedo is still reading correctly it can't be a faulty speed sensor because both speed & distance come from the same signal.
  17. RazMan

    Decent quality BT headset?

    I spotted the Sena Impulse some time ago and thought it might be the answer to my dreams but their sizes are not right for me (3XL) and my choices are a bit limited. So far I have found that Scorpion and Icon are the only ones that fit reasonably well. I have just bought the Icon Airflite...
  18. RazMan

    Decent quality BT headset?

    Having set up my R3GT bluetooth connectivity nicely, I was appalled by the tinny sounds coming from my Sena SMH5 intercom. Everything connects and works as it should but the sound quality is just horrible. I am not expecting hifi by any means but surely there has to be something better than...
  19. RazMan

    Why have 3 x ETV3 Tables?

    I get that my R3GT has 3 modes (rain, road & sport) but I am confused about the 3 x ETV 3 menu options. I only want to unrestrict Sport (ETV3) mode but it looks like I have these other options too. Am I doing something wrong? Can anyone throw some light?
  20. RazMan

    Grinding Vibrations

    That probably equates to about 2000rpm if I am right? Can you feel the same vibration in 5th & 6th at the same revs?