trip through KC in June

Hey Regulator!!!

It's still a ways off but, "How about an update" on your timeframe passin' through KC? If you leave St. Louis early in the AM, I'll need to plan on a time to leave here in St. Joe to meet up in KC.

Fill us in soon. If it's still too early, I understand.

See ya.
there will be a parade of us it seems leaving from 0400-0600 Hotel in St louis

I have at least 4 others coming with me on the entire trip now,,,

only thing is I'm no longer going to be doing it on my rocket as I just purchased a royal star venture touring bike

I still have my rocket.... just wanted somthign more suitable for long distance, plus I got tired of all my none rocket ridign buddies telling me to slow down

so I purchased a used touring barge.... and have stripped the rocket down to solo seat and not much else..more liek a street fighter bike

I started to buy a BRAND NEW R3 t... but when the dealer refused to budge on price, wouldn't take a trade in ( my sprint) I went lookign at other touring bikes, found this one used.... and it actually cost me less then I paid for my Rocket used...

figured I can chew up miles with this, I often do 500-800 in a day just out playing

plus I can afford to replace tires on this one more often...

Oh and its the same V4 engine as in a Vmax... just detuned a bit
You're Forgiven

I'm still going to ride with you but I'll stay in 2nd gear to make it even! Hey, the new toy looks great and I hope it will be dependable on the trip. No way to know for sure until you try it.......right? Are those Russell Day-Long seats? I understand they make a world of difference when it comes to curing iron butt syndrome.

Be sure and remind us of the exact date you'll be in the KC area both coming and going.