trip through KC in June


Feb 23, 2006
Lincolnton GA
2005 RIII
hey guys, I'm still planning my trip, but it looks like I'll be leaving from ST Louis for the start of my SS1000 to raise money for Fisher House ( the website to accept donations for this event isn't finished yet)

BUT that being said, I''ll be starting in ST louis at Oh dark thirty and heading straight for KC for my first Gas stop. pretty sure I can make it straight shot no problem....

But if folks want to point and laugh or just see the crazy guy on the Rocket then we got from now until june to find a place for me to grab a tank of Gas a cup of coffee and take a leak and maybe snap a photo and stretch before gettign on the way.

even better, if I could get a R3 escort through KC and up onto 29N to Omaha the fastest possible route..... :) Whats the traffic like? this will be middle of the week so probably best to avoid down town? and If I leave ST Louis around 0400 or so that puts me in KC around 0700 ish? ( is three hours about right from ST Louis?) I uh ride kinda fast :)

cheers mates, just doing advance route recon and planning I will eventually put out an all call and ask for anyone that lives along the route to come out and snap a pic and maybe say hello when I stop for gas
I caught wind of your trip & would like to plan on being in KC at your stopping point to meet & greet. I would also plan on escorting north thru St. Joseph (my stomping grounds) and beyond for a spell, maybe to the Iowa line. Looking forward to it as I have no rides planned yet them coming season. I put on 6K last season & had a blast.

The "loop" around KC is I-435, which is always busy but mid morning is most likely one of the better times, besides Sunday morning. I-435 north to I-29 is not bad. Hopefully some KC riders can join in. They would also be the best at assisting in a stopping point choice.

Hope it works for me & lookin' forward to meeting ya REG. Keep us posted.
Can you go over 200 miles between gas stops? If so, a good stop will be Exit 18, Woods Chapel Road, then go south 1/4 mile and there is a QT, good place for gas and coffee. About 10 minutes from me and 2 mins from Tom's work.

As far as traffic there will be a lot of semi traffic from Columbia Missouri to KC at that time because they will be leaving the truck stops and heading into KC. Rush hour on I-70 starts to get thick at about 6:30am and the worse part isn't necessarily downtown. Through Independence and into KC is where is gets bad. I drive that way a few times a week and it can be smooth sailing to downtown (15-20min) or it could take a solid hour. I am thinking the best bet would be I-70W to I-435 North to I-29 North.

I'll plan on meeting up with you and if possible I ride with you through town.

I can't remember but did you ride through KC before on the Run for the Wall?
cool I knew the locals would know... and my milage has changed since new pipes, so I need to get out on the road and test it again.....see how far I can get on a tank..

its 242 from STL to KC

these last two tanks have been meager cause I've been full throttle a lot ( Thanks Sam)
Do you have a date firmed up for this? I'm sure I could ride with you given some notice. Piggr's idea about Wood's Chapel Road is a good one because it is on the east side of the KC metro area and we can provide a convoy through the rush hour traffic. You won't have to worry about your route through here 'cause we will shoot you up to I 29.

You will have to stop at least once before you get to KC for gas I would think. You would have to be getting around 50 mpg to make it the whole way safely. I average between 30 and 35 depending on speed, headwind and load (plus I'm pushing a Fleetliner)... I'd run out before 200 miles probably :D
Get R Done

I'm in for the escort. I agree with Tomo that you'll probably need to stop before you get to KC. Either Columbia or Booneville would be a good first stop out of St. Louis. That would get you through town and on your way to Omaha.

Keep us posted
morning of 24 June 2008 leaving ST Louis to KC.....

I'll ride up to St Louis the day prior from Augusta, stay in a cheap motel somewhere and start the Official 1000 miles on 24 June early in the AM so that first stop for fuel to meet up and then get me past KC would be fun
they have updated the Website

almost 99% done with site... might even see a rocket or another triumph if you watch the video...

so anybody know a good place to stay in St louis? and odds are I will not be gettign an extended tank in time so I'll be stopping more often then I had hoped....

You know the more I think about it, If I miss seeign anyone on the way up, I will defintily be able to catch up with and hopefully meet some folks on the way back down..

I might just have to stop at a waffle house or somethign on my way through and have a chat and sit on the way up, and maybe the same on the way back dependign on what time of day it is..

more details to follow , of course after you meet me on the way up, you may want to pass on the way back :)