The First RCE Group Ride of the Year


Living Legend
Mar 7, 2006
Geneva Switzerland
Truly yours and 5 other equally brave or equally silly Rocket Captains rode up to the French Jura on March 25. Up in the mountains, NW of Switz. But off to a bad start: Overcast weather. Freezing temps. About 10 inches of fresh snow everywhere, except on the roads that were mostly dry with only a few slippery patches. And lots of cagers on them roads, as the local ski resorts had just re-opened (as we found out on the way up :rolleyes: ) .

And then, around noonish, the sun SHONE :) . Litterally illuminating the snow-covered mountains and the surrounding lake. And warming our elderly bodies up. Magnificent scenery. Many folks (including the restaurant manager) took pics of our little group, congratulated us for both our bikes and our courage to ride in such conditions.

Will try to post pics.

Thanks Tomo

Have just sent-- tried to send-- my pics to Tomo for posting in here. I hate to delegate. But there's naggin' formatting or compressing (? ) hurdle that I can't quite figure out :( and which seems to defeat my aspirations to "interventionless" posting here (or on other sites).

Hey, I was part of the "new telex generation" :eek: