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Nov 30, 2006
Molino, FL
2017 Polaris Slingshot
Thought I'd make it official on this forum, after hanging out since November, finally took delivery of a 2007 Rocket III Classic (Phantom Black / Sunset Red) yesterday.
It is great to be able to own the two best representatives of their respective type riding styles...America, what a country.
Thanks for all the support shown me before the plunge, it's great to be an actual owner now.
10 dtg!
I/m Not The Only One

MM... Now you should plant something that has the black and red colors of the beast!

Jamie.....See I'm not the only one that notices everything in the picture. Hondax really had to search hard to find that little, bitty riding mower in the background. Like you, he's very partial to anything green.......except when it's attached to your toes.

When I was born they threw away the mold........but some of it grew back!
And what's the JDeere pulling a load of, that has everyone's attention? Some kind of composted Shiite:D

Really great looking pair of rides. Sunset red you say, eh! Sure looks mighty close to Cardinal Red. A gold pin stripe as well?? My HER3TIK looks close to being alike, except mine has a silver pin stripe. And of course you have the slower black engine:eek:

Otherwise, I know you be a proud father once again. Remember: Spare the rod and spoil the child. And every once in a while, <strong>pour it on</strong) like you mean it:D
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Good looking Machines Molino

Again, welcome home. Be careful those two don't mate in the garage. I hate to think what the off spring would be. I know it would be good looking, comfortable, and **** fast.
I would have to say that is one true statement if there ever was one.After getting just a little of what the Gold Wing was all about it seems such a contrast in similarities.:eek: