Silly question.


Aug 23, 2006
Northwest, MO.
2005 Rocket III
Has anyone figured out why they (Triumph) provided the 12mm allen wrench in the tool kit found under the seat? I've been throwing it in with the other tools I take along when I hit the road and thought it would come in handy when changing the rear tire but the axle bolt takes a 14mm, if you even need it (I didn't, although at one point I thought the nut was not going to turn tight on the bolt & was wondering how I was going to hold the bolt head).

It's kinda tough finding a 14mm allen wrench, mainly because they are typically sold in sets and all the sets I've ran across so far go up to 10mm or 12mm.

Anyway, has anyone figured out what the 12mm if for? I'm sure I'll find out some day if I keep the Rocket long enough, which I most definately will.

I'm certain bigern could inform me.

See ya.
Hey Rusty, I took a mertric bolt with a 14mm head and welded the nut on the end. Stick the head of the bolt in the axle shaft and hold the welded nut with a 14mm wrench.