RUSTY where have you been???

I'm still around guys. Just like most of us here in the Midwest, I've spent most of the past several weeks with a shovel in my hand (due to all the snow, even more tonight), or a chainsaw (due to the ice storm). I've volunteered to assist those folks that don't have the equipment or the physical ability to clean up, after the ice storm has damaged better than 60 to 70 percent of the trees in town. The limb piles at the 3 drop-off spots are growing faster than the city workers can grind them up with the large rotating mulchers. At the neighborhood site, which is across from the Casino where Pianoman sang for New Years in '06/07, is piled about 12 feet high and would cover the better part of 1/2 a football field. Driving around town, you would think the clean-up effort had not even began. So many piles of branches waiting to be picked up, and many more yards still littered with limbs, whole trees, etc. I myself have a property with about 20 or more hours of steady work, then it will need raked clean to get all the twigs.

Anyway, I still drop in from time to time to see how Flip is aggravating everyone & read about all the dreams of when the flowers will let us know it's time to ride again. I'm really looking forward to one of those rides with the KC group. Hope you are planning something Tomo cause I'm having some real bad withdraws. Although I have 98xx miles & should really get the Rocket to Engles for the 10K check. I have an open trailer & the bike would look like total crap by the time I got it to KC, what with all the slop on the roads constantly.

Keep in touch guys. There's lots more sawdust to make & a lot of it will have "my" chain oil on it. The older folks (not that I'm a spring chicken) are delighted to see someone come by & rid their yard of the mess so I've got a mission to fulfill.

See ya.:cool:
I'm so glad arthuritus (sp), don't shoot me Flipper, hasn't totally taken control of those chain saw numbed fingers of yours. I'm sure the winter temps have also taken a toll on the nimbleness as well. Good to hear from you:bch:
Hey Snuff, if we could convert all the "firewood" that is around these parts of the country to BTU's right quick, we could simulate a decent solar flash & get rid of all this snow (about 8 inches last night & blowing in 3 to 4 ft drifts), and possible get in a warm weather ride before winter takes over again.

My wife really hoped for snow this winter. I'm thinking of buying a shovel that fits "her" hands and & see if she desires the same next year.

See ya.

Oh, HeR3tic, while the saws are running, you have a decent finger thawer at your disposal, right by the muffler. Of course, the big saws vibrate enough to excercise your fingers to keep 'em from getting too cold and numb. Wait a minute, now that I think about it, that vibration "is" what makes a fellers fingers go numb. ;)
Just to show you how weird the midwest can be, Kansas City is only 30 some odd miles south of St. Joe and we have had very little of the bad stuff. We got about an inch last night and it will probably melt off tomorrow. Storm after storm has followed just about the same track and has just hammered St. Joe.

Rusty... you are a good man. We will get out and ride once spring breaks, that's for sure.