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Jul 4, 2007
Greenwood, In
Greetings from Greenwood Indiana. I am suppose to pick up my red & black R3 Classic Tourer on Friday. I currently have an 02 HD RK Classic with a 103 stroker. I ride with a friend that has a Red Horse custom bike with a S&S124 and the HD just will not keep up. I am hoping that I won't have that problem with the rocket. Anyone have any ideas on if the rocket will keep up with the s&s 124? Thanks, Rick.
Hi Rick welcome. I have a buddy that has a Big Dog with a 117 ci S&S. He will hang within a bike length or two until we hit about 70 mph and then it is like there is a rocket on my ass (oh wait there is). However from a stop if I hook up just right and keep the front wheel down I will walk away from him. Those larger displacement V-twins have a lot of torque and have a low final drive ratio so they are pretty good out of the hole.

If you don't regularly smoke him there are a few ideas around here that just might give you the edge.

BTW I have yet come across a HD that will either 1. race me or 2. can hang. SE V-Rods included.
Welcome to the forum. Can you keep up with a 124cid stroker with a 141cid stocker. Hell yes, but at 140+mph all you'll see is a speck of him in the rear view? Getting there is the beef in this beast! You'll want to shed the bags and the wind screen to get to 155. Mine is a Red/Black Tourer as well.
Hey thanks for the info. I am putting the Triumph upgraded cat and the Tor exhaust. What do you think about the PCIII or the Tune-boy and the K&N air filters, do they make that much of a difference and which is the preference between the PCII and Tune-Boy?
I did the silencer upgrade only (as for performance upgrades). I like it alot. Others will debate the PCIII or the Tuneboy. I've seen (heard) some have done both. For what I'm not clear about. From my gathering, I'd go with the Tuneboy for it's capability to eliminate several of the factory faults (including the real performance hinderances). I don't have either (PCIII or TB), mostly because my well ran dry. We're under exceptional drought conditions in the heart of dixie; but at the same time, I really don't feel I need either. Other's exclaim huge performance improvements, then I get excited about more bottom end performance. That feeling subsides as soon as I get on the beast.
Welcome rickb. So her3tic suggests to remove the windscreen to get the r3 to 155mph, I love these guys! Pigs not on line, but he's the guy that can best answer your question about tune boy. Good luck with smokin the v twin.
If you have a little computer skill, Tuneboy will get you the most power. However for a good dyno tune PCIII would be the way to go.

You probably won't notice much difference switching the underseat filter to a K&N, but if you mod the intake and do an under the tank K&N or triple K&N's on the throttle bodies, you will notice a difference.
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Happy you've joined us. My hope is to see Indy 500 some day ( especially if I can get in the pit area)

I don't think you'll have too much trouble with any standard production bike or even a few that have been altered. I went with Staintunes and got another 22 hp and 19 ft lbs torque.

I love smokin' VRods!

Be sure and post a few pictures.

Welcome rickb from Greenwood.

Sounds like you got the exhaust and catback issue figured out. Better breathing will help with the K & N.. Tuneboy allows you to get 100% out of the power curve and you can eliminate decel pop. I'm no expert, just parroting what I've heard.

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