RAA Oklahoma-Arkansas?

After doing a great deal of research, and taking in consideration the quality of the riding, this is the motel that best accommodate us, enough parking space for @Dr.D and his 7 mile long toy hauler with 23 Indians in it, and for us mere mortals with 8 feet trailers.
Cancellations within 24 hrs for free, i will place my reservation today, you just say ypu are with the Rocket group and will be good.
Harrison Arkansas, the mecca of the good riding!


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I do hate moving but we've been planning this for our retirement. Since I only have four bikes it will be easy in one trip. I was looking at one place right on The Talon route. Yeah I better not be that close. :whitstling: I can't wait to get up there and ride the whole Dragon route on the KTM, the Maggie Valley area on the Rocket 3 and the Blue Ridge Parkway on the Goldwing. Life is good.
You ONLY have for bikes, i feel sooo bad for you, i may start a go fund me account to buy you a 5th bike;):cool::p:roll:
All this talk about trailering bikes, I think trailering one is safe and I have seen a fellow at Sturgis pulling two bikes behind his bike, but I that is the most one should ever trailer at one time fro safety's sake folks. ...
We 4 are set up for 2 days at the Harrison Days Inn. We arrive June 23.
Hoping the Ibarra horde can hook up with us at Poteau, OK for a day ride to Harrison?
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