Pig Trail Rally - Arkansas

raymond braswell

Jul 24, 2006
Kansas City, Missouri
I am planning on going to this Rally on the 5th & 6th of October. Beautiful part of the country to ride. Leaves will have turned but it will still be warm. I'll leave KC and ride to Roger's Arkansas. Then across Beaver Lake to Huntsville and the Rally. I will then go on the Pig Trail to Eureka Springs.Then back to KC. Any other Rockets interested let me know.

PIGTRAIL Motorcycle Rally- Hwy. 23 "Pig Trail"- Ozark Arkansas[SIZE=-1]The PIGTRAIL Motorcycle Rally is a four-day event featuring lots of vendors, contests, giveaways, great food, live music, and so much more.
www.pigtrailrally.com/ - 13k - Cached - Similar pages[/SIZE]
Noticed this thread after posting about the upgrade efforts here.

This particular rally is scheduled on the same dates as Bikes, Blues, and BBQ, in Fayetteville Arkansas. I live in Fayetteville, and split my time between volunteer efforts and riding with others. Last year I didn't ride as much, just during the day and hung out at pubs Saturday night.

Pig Trail is technically south of Eureka Springs, the north end starts at Brashears, and ends at I-40. It is extremely tight at first (a couple dangerous 5mph curves) but smooths out on the southern end. The road north of brashears, going to Eureka, is actually more popular.

It's going to be interesting, folks are going to have more choices.

It is the week before the Padre Island bike bash too. Now I have to figure out which one. :rolleyes:
And don't for get a good one here in TX the first weekend in November the Lone Star Rally. Unlike some others this rally is preety much free unless you want to pay the 15$ to run the line. I can put a few people up even more if anyone wants to camp in my back yeard.
the best friend and I are now talking a fall change of plans:D

perhaps this is a best choice...still mulling it over...and seeing where she goes with this:(

this alternative takes away a meeting with the grand-kids for a mere couple of months.:D but the da-inlaw would blush like a Nun were a bare eraser arise at a Dragon fest rest.
the lady really needs to lighten up.

I just found this: http://www.pigtrailrally.com/directions.asp That is beautiful..and not white knuckle. BUT, informative is not the word for that site this day. It's less than 30 days and their lead is sorely lacking.
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Just my opinion, but the Pig Trail Rally hasn't happened before. The locals (us) aren't impressed that they would schedule during the same dates as BBBBQ. I was just being open-minded about it, because there will still likely be some folks who enjoy it nonetheless.

For those of us who don't ride cruisers, it will just give us more bikes to pass :cool: