Top Fuel
Jan 3, 2007
Busajack 23 years old..Safest way to have fun when your loaded is on a computer...Ill go away now. Thanks Crazy Jack

Yo your right,Poloroid swinger..HeHa. Thats a bultaco matador..Before the Jap bikes got good. I went home every day black and blue from it,but fun.. Jack
Dang Jack.... I didn't know they had cameras back in the 17th century...

I used to ride a little dirt too, but not on anything that nice... One of my very first bikes was a 441 Victor and we used to ride the bluffs at Lewis and Clark just North east of Council Bluffs Iowa, where the Missouri river cuts into the hills. Some of those were like cliffs :D but that old round barrel was like a tractor and if you could get traction you could "get r done".

Some one dug out some "bowls" and you could spin in those until you either shot out or puked. Today I drink whiskey to get the same effect.

No one ever took pictures of me doing that stuff.....my ass was usually over the handlebars :D

Te He Just remembering those days..A few thumpin BSAs rode with us to. The most power at the lowest rpm..The bultacos were the lightest thing to come to the states along with the montesas and hodaka super rat I had..Wicked fun but cuts and bruses healed faster then to..Think all new bikers should ride dirt before the street.. Later Jack
Oh man... a few years back I saw a CCM that was using a BSA 500 square single and it was burning alchy. I was scared to stand next to it. I'll have to look but I may have some old Polaroids of that bike and if I can find them I'll scan them. The guy rode it across a pretty nice lawn at a rally I was at and every time the engine hit the back tire tore up a chunk of sod and threw it about 15 feet and he was just idling..:D
old people

Dam kids,,just remember life begins at 60..and if I get another hayabusa It may end at 64..HaHa
Bultaco's ? Thanks Busa for remembering them. Younger folks would think of it as some kind of a Mexican's beef sandwich:). I rode one once. The street version thereof , at least. Metralla, it was called. Jamie:cool: