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Jun 26, 2006
I have actually been registered for awhile now but am posting to comply with the administrators request.

I am a 2002 Bonneville America owner who test rode a Rocket III out of the Syracuse Dealership (Destiny Motorsports) this past summer who plans on purchasing a R3 hopefully in the spring of 2007.

In the meantime I will check out the forum and learn what I can about the R3.
Welcome jaymo!! You must have gotten one of our hateful automated emails :D. I'm glad you posted and feel free to jump in... It seems we do more than just talk Rockets here, which is just fine with me....
Greetings and salutations...


Welcome. Some of us here have more than one Triumph.....me. You can join the club by keeping the Bonnie America and getting an R3 just like my B-I-L, BanjoBart who also posts here when his wife allows him to.:D

He's not online right now. He's off cleaning the toilets and then he has to wax the kitchen floor.....
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In the meantime I will check out the forum and learn what I can about the R3.[/quote]
Welcome Jaymo54, buy the R/3, you won't be sorry. The night I brought mine home, it was around 20 degrees, but I still rode until I didn't know I had hands. A Rocket, unlike most things in life, never gets boring or old.
Welcome Jaymo. Has been a lot of good info in this forum on how to set the Rocket up when you purchase it. I wish I had been in the forum before I bought mine, now I am playing catch up with Pianoman who has every accessory known to man and a few he imported from Pluto.