Latest 4 wheeled bike


Mar 22, 2007
Howell, Michigan
Some of you may recall that a couple of months ago after Sturgis that Raymond Braswell posted a pic of a BMW 4 wheeled motorcycle that looked to be a tad expensive.

Check out the latest offering from Roger Bourget (see attachment) it likely will make the BMW a positive bargain!

- Limited Production of 25 Per Year
- MSRP - Starting at $90,000.00 USD
- 425 Horsepower, 383 Fast Burn Chevrolet Crate Motor
- Turbo 350 Automatic Transmission
- Winters "Quick Change" Rear End
- Porsche 930 CV Joints
- 4-Wheel Independent Suspension
- Power Rack and Pinion Steering
- All Aluminum Body
- Custom 17 x 12 Aluminum Wheels with AVON 330 Tires



  • Bourget Shredder F-80 425-HP V8 Quadracycle.jpg
    Bourget Shredder F-80 425-HP V8 Quadracycle.jpg
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That guy needs to take the chassis to the Ransom boys. His sheet metal is crap. It reminds me of an early 60's snowmobile, especially the seating position. Looks like another feeble minded attempt at an extremely nich vehicle. Give me a chainsaw engine, a sheet of 3/4" plywood, a couple of 2x4's, some wheelbarrow wheels and assorted metal and I can build a racing cart too.:D

I'll dispense with the putrid body.:)