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Feb 25, 2006
All New Members Will Be approved By The Administrator

I have made some changes to our registration process that will require myself or Shawn to approve all new members. This will no longer be an automatic process, and should help with our spam problems....

More to come :D....
I'm tryin' brotha :D...

If you folks have any ideas or know of anything that will help... please PM me... don't post it in public :D
"All new members will be approved by the administrator"


My member is in hibernation for the winter.........:D You can ask my wife.

If you only get half the spammers that I get in my Outlook Express account, you are blessed.

Actually, I thought that was how you always did it, pre-approval before admittance. I had to get approved. Betcha you regret that.
Our standards are the highest in the industry :D..

But back to spammers... we have made another improvement which I can't discuss or they may try to get around it. We also have had a war meeting and have some future plans.

EEE MALE... I spelled that incorrectly :D, but if you have yours listed auto spambots might be lifting them and selling them to other spammers. So if your inbox is full of spam you may want to remove your "you know what" from all forums you have them on. Or use a good spam filter with bulk male...