I think I'm Happy again


.060 Over
Jun 14, 2006
Lincoln, NE
I've been tinkering with the ole R3 lately, trying to get the idle fixed. I did Tommos' reset of the base idle and reset the TPS. I set the base at 750 RPM which the shop manual says it should be and set the TPS at .6 volts. I also installed a PC3 which smoothed out the throttle and got rid of the cutting out at even and decel throttle. It also got rid of the popping out the exhaust, which really impressed the wifey that rides on the back. Now even after a complete heat soak of driving for an hour or so in town the idle drops back to 750 every time. I know the the stepper motor is supposed to control the idle and that this fix is not technically correct. but I have fell in love with my R3 all over again and it runs better than new! PS the PC3 made it run a bit faster also (but don't tell my wife that);)
Yeah Danno.... It would be great if you could join us for some BBQ during our September board meeting on Sept 24th.... See the "Rockets Across America" thread...


We usually talk about lofty topics like: Why is my little finger stuck under the gas cap and no longer attached to my left hand? ..... and..... I know I rode my bike here, why can't I find it? ...and.... Gee PianoMan, did you actually have to ride over the Harley dude ... and.... Hey Hondax, why is there a chicken on your front fender?

You get the idea... We are the reason why Alkida doesn't attack the midwest...

But, we would love to have you come down!!!
The BBQ sounds good! Can I bring the wifey too or is this a boys club only thing. Hmmm, I wonder if BBQ and rockets go together (bold, spicey,RED!!!!!):bch:
The wife can join us, we would love to have her show up...

We have a fav waitress who puts up with our rude comments so we must not be all that bad....
The More The Merrier!

Danno..... That would be great if you both could join us for feasting, frivolity and fun.

Just on age alone, I've probably been eating BBQ longer than anyone of the KC Boys ( I like that name) and I can tell you that Hondax picked a winner with his Sedalia Connection. They put on the spread and I don't remember ever leaving without a few extra goodies to take on the ride home. ( This is not a kleptomanic speaking, this is someone who trys to empty their kitchen of burnt ends without damaging the wallet too much)

May I add that the brisket is another delectable choice especially with sides of BBQ beans, potato salad and cole slaw. Whew..... I've got to stop right here and go get something to eat. If you've ever seen our group photos......I'm the one they had to use the wide-angle lens to get me in the shot.