No major issue, Phil. That's the greatest bike on earth, period. At times, a bit... temperamental idling-wise or otherwise, no doubt. But it's not exacly meant to IDLE for long either. If problem persists, though, do tell us and we'll try to diagnose and help.

There's hundreds of thousands of miles or kilometers of collective Rocket III owning and operating experience here.:cool:
Hey Phil!! Welcome!!

Actually the idle issue seems to be the hot topic of the day, and we are knocking around some ideas and trying to put a little pressure on Triumph to solve this. Look through the website and you will find numerous threads on the subject and many ideas...

I hope your dealer can sort this out for you soon...

Hi Rebel,congratulations on getting the greatest machine to come out.Is yours new with this problem?There are solutions here if the dealer bombs but I think it's something simple.Luck to you mate.;)
Nothing to Add

Glad to have you with us Phil...... I guess I'm one of the rare ones that hasn't had the problem as yet so I can't help on this one. Luckily, there will always be someone who has a new approach, idea or solution to a given situation.

Have fun and join the ride!