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Jan 23, 2007
Just recently found this site looks like a good one. I have an 06 Tribal Blue bought feb 23 of 07 right now it's in the shop for 10,000 mile service and warranty on the dogs in the tranny that don't hold in 2nd gear . Still I'm crazy about that bike,nothin like it. I'm thinking of putting predators on it. I also have a 2002 BMW LT 87,000 miles on it bought it new. Last year I picked up a 1986 R80 BMW for the wife and a 1983 R100 RT with a side car for me. drove it all the way home from San Diego with no license plate and never got stopped. If I'm not playing with motorcycles I like to watch UFC or play with my Irish wolfhounds. I have 7 grandchildren and still can't figure out how I got so old but the Rocket shaves years off. NOCAGE (alias)CLINT
Many bikes but one of interest, besides the Rocket. The Beemer with the Hack. Just so happens I'm the Michigan State Rep for the USCA. I too have a hack, but it's attached to a Triumph, what else. Post often and have fun. I'll go and see if I can grab one from my album.

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Washington Also..

Welcome aboard Clint. Where in Washington? :) I know there are several other RIII Captains out there in my area but can't seem to get them located. I'm in Pasco. Have fun with the site and post often....SB.
Ok, I'm ignorant. What is UFC. A WWF Raw spin-off or what :D

Welcome to the Forum, mr. NoCage. Come-on now, you must have a cage for those several month long winter rain periods? Or are you on the otherside where the best beer hops are grown :D
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Glad you've joined the group. Your Captain status has been approved. Speaking of acronyms, I like WEC and UFC. The difference between them and the WWF is you don't go to acting school in the UFC and WEC.

nocage, Hi thats great you found the sight there is a lot of nice guys on this sight and a lot of information and people willing to help with anything. I'm in Woodinville up for rids anytime