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Aug 30, 2006
I just bought a brand new RIII Special Edition, Cerulean Blue with Tribal pattern at South Bay Triumph in Lomita, CA. Nice people, BTW. After one week I have nearly 300 miles on it already. My last bike was 20 years ago, a Honda Sabre. Before that I owned a Yamaha Virago (750cc) and going back into the 60's and early 70's, a couple of Harley Sportsters. That first Sportster was a 61' with a magneto instead of a battery. Impossible to start when the temp hit below 45 F, but worth the hassle just for 2nd gear alone.

The new Triumph is the first bike I've owned to duplicate and exceed the thrill I got riding that Harley. I'm too happy for mere words.

I've been riding very conservatively, since I am a bit rusty, and since I promised my family I wouldn't kill myself this soon. I'm also going to take a 3-hour one-on-one refresher course with an instructor next weekend.

Meanwhile, I work in IT for a natural gas utility here in SoCal. I was due to retire in a couple of years, but the deal with the missus for indulging myself is to stay on for as long as it takes to pay off the $16k (+ all the accessories and insurance). Since there is an endless need for extras, I imagine I'll be working well into the next decade.
A Big welcome SteveG and congtatulations on your aquisition.Many of us came out of riding retirement to get this awsome machine.25yrs. for me and I just had to get it no matter what.You may consider rear suspension your 1st mod as stock shocks will shake your teeth loose.I took the MSF last month and glad I did.Plan on the advanced course soon and as far as things to spend your hard earned money on,you know the drill:D.
Another One Converted

SteveG..... Glad to have you on board. I waited 40 years before getting this RED '05. I'm happy you find it so much fun but I'm not surprised at all. There's just no way to decribe to other riders what it's like on the R3 and what real torque feels like. After I got my Tuneboy adjustments, I'm afraid to give it the gun without my backrest in place. I'm afraid I'll end up standing in the middle of the road, my legs still apart ( Don't even go there ) and my bike a mile or so ahead!

What part of Southern Cal are you living? I worked for a while from Long Beach up to Manhatten Beach, Hermosa Beach, New Port Beach all the way to LAX. Fun times but I'm sure a lot different from the early 70's.

I second the idea of new rear shocks though the OEM's haven't been that bad. I just ride with several guys that have the Progressive 440's and they say it really makes a difference. I'll find out Wednesday when mine get put on.

Ride Safe
Welcome Steve,

The blue Tribal is my fav color. I like all Triumphs offerings, even grilled canary or what ever it's called, but the Cerulean Blue with tribal takes my breath away.

I triple the suggestion of new rear shocks. I put on Progressives and holy cow what a difference. I'm a solitary rider so the standard shocks are working great for me.

Good for you on deciding to take a refresher course. Be safe, but now and again ride like you stole it.
Welcome Steve!!

As always... I'm a day late and a dollar short :D, but eventually I get around to welcoming new members. I'm a little like you, I'll probably work until I drop... I just don't know any better....

Thanks for the warm welcomes

I should probably mention that I've already spent 1/2 my life savings on a helmet, a Triumph jacket, a couple of t-shirts, gloves, boots, helmet lock (why doesn't Triumph supply that stock?), a small sissy bar with luggage rack, a backpack, a bike cover, and a disk lock.

At my 500 mile maintenance I'm going to splurge for the alarm/immobiliser - and I'm also going to get them to try to adjust the low-fuel indicator, which behaves as foretold by other owners by showing on after only 3 gallons are used up. I'll probably upgrade the horn as well. I have read here in the forum and elsewhere about replacing the rear shocks, but I don't deserve them yet since I'm driving like a sissy for now.

I'm here in Los Angeles (I live on the West side and work downtown) where the temp has been nauseatingly hot for months. I'm more than tempted to get some riding pants or chaps, to wear over regular pants, but I don't want to get heat stroke. Also, work demands "busines casual". If anyone has a suggestion I'd appreciate it.

BTW, I was intending to get a red one, but the Cerulean Blue was on display at the same price and that was that. How come I haven't seen any other RIII's yet?