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Apr 10, 2006
Dallas, Ga
Just wanted to introduce myself. I ride an 06 Caeruleus Blue rocket iii which I purchased this past April. I absolutly love the bike and am looking forward to racking up a lot of miles this summer:) .
Welcome fast1. I am a big fan of both of the special edition colors and graffics. How about throwing up a picture of your ride. Haven't seen too many photos around yet.
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Welcome Fast1!!! Didn't I just welcome you somewhere else??? :D Anyway, join in... have fun!

Congratulations 1FastRocket,for your wise decision of purchase and joining a great group of like minded individuals.Got mine a month ago,are you restricted to ride during the season where you are?I plan to ride thru all year here in NW Fl.;)
Thanks for the welcome Bag1. I live in Dallas, Ga which is NW of Atlanta, near lake Allatoona if you know where that is:cool: . It gets a little cold around the 1st of the year but other than that it's pretty much open season:D
Really like the color,1st I seen it,see you got the Corbin butt lover there,work OK?Toystortom is working to get his to work for him better and came up some ideas I may try on my stock seat.Seems there is always room to improve the beast and guys out there to help make it happen,decisions decisions.:rolleyes:
Peanut Country

Welcome Aboard 1FastRocket. Get used to smiling until it hurts and looking at HD's in your rear view mirrors. I lived in Sandy Springs for a while and worked in Buckhead. I was through there last year on my way to Florida and it brought back some good memories. Is Underground still there? Used to be a rockin place. :cool:
Green is faster but blue comes close.

Hey, welcome mate. And please do not refrain from posting here, now that you are a member, e.g. joys and pains (I hope none), questions or even answers, rants and raves...

Best. "Old Guard" Jamie:cool: