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Jul 27, 2007
Santa Clara, CA
Hi folks,

I'm in Santa Clara, CA.

I currently ride a '99 Road Star that has 115K miles on it, so, I am shopping for a new bike mainly to be used for touring. Two up with cargo trailer. The Rocket is high on my list.

I plan to purchase during winter or early spring. Any new news on a true Rocket touring model?

We've seen some 'spy' pics of here on this site. Maybe it was Jamie who posted. I would imagine it will be sweet. If you plan alot of touring I think it's smart that you wait. I've done three 1,750 mile trips on my Rocket and it was great. So the touring improvements they make will make the Rocket one of the top cruisers. A loaded ferring with all the electronics, cruise control, abs brakes, lower wind diverters, etc. would be great. I just prefer the old school look vs. tourers. Good luck.
Hey Gary welcome. That is an impressive number on the mileage. The Rocket could probably pull a pop up camper.:D

Here is the thread on the Rocket tourer. If it doesn't show up this fall as an '08 I'll bet it will be an '09 as my dealer said there are several new models planned for '09.

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Hi Raymond,
I read the thread on "spy pictures". For my wife and I a full luxury tourer is not needed. All the electronics are not necessary. We do want the protection and comfort offered by a fairing and convience of hard bags and a trunk. I will also be pulling our Bushtec trailer.

You mentioned doing some 1750 mile trips. How many miles per day and were any of the long days on secondary roads just putting along? I am wondering how the Rocket is for just putting along in hills where scenery requires a mellow ride?

The Road Star has been a good companion but my wife is getting nervous about taking trips on an "old" bike. She told me to shop for new ride and keep Road Star if I wanted for commute. I love that woman!!!

I saw that thread already, thanks. I have a lot of questions so I'll be posting some new threads to get you folks opinions and try to learn from your experiences.


When I returned from Nashville (read Rockets Accross America Thread) I decided not to ride back with my buddies who were going to hit the Interstate all the way back. I took two lane roads in Ten., Ky, and all through southern Missouri. Although we all talk about speed and horsepower, I think the Rocket is even more fun on that type of ride. I typically don't ride over 400-500 per day. I just get too tired and am not comfortable riding much more than that. For me it's all about the ride, not the destination. I had a little trouble on the super twisties in Sturgis last year (Needles Hwy and iron moutain road) But I was riding two up. Slower rides (30-50) through Spearfish Canyon twisties was spectacular and the bike performed fantastic even riding two up. Good luck.
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Welcome to THE Forum.

At 55-60MPH in 5th with factory tune I wasn't particularly thrilled with the response and smoothness of my Tourer. I was constantly up and down between 4th and 5th on these Alabama rolling hills. With a recent TuneBoy add-on I have an honest 55 on the spedo and the RPM very near the sweet spot in the torque curve. I very rarely find it necessary to drop to 4th, to get up and be gone, for passing cagers. I'm quite happy now. Yes the Rocket III is marvelous on the back roads.
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Hi Gary!!

A belated welcome from the home of high humidity here in KC. It actually got so muggy here today it started forming rain drops at ground level right in front of us... we were in the cloud.

Those are some impressive mileage figures you have racked up. It would be fun to do it all again on a Rocket (faster too :D).