Finally warm and sunny.

UPDATE: Adjusted the idle mix screws out (leaner mix) and started the bike. Fired right up. Went to test ride it and it started sputtering and when rev'd up backfires started showing up. Snapped the throttle a couple times with the engine chugging a bit. Finally started to settle out and then died. Backed out the idle adjuster and relit the motor. Started up fine and idled a bit smoother. Took it down the street and I could feel the hesitation at 2500 RPM so I loaded it up to about 6500rpm in second gear. That got me to about 65mph and the motor was feeling better. Circled back toward the house and goosed it again and the response was quicker and no hesitation anywhere in the rev range I used. Romped on it again and the motor really started to pull hard. OK that was more like it. Took it down a side street and gave it the beans with an immediate jump in power. Cool. Got it home and the idle was butter smooth. I'm guessing the plugs were a bit carboned up from the rich idle and now were getting clean enough to really light the fuel mix. I'll take it for a longer ride later this week and verify the motor is running AOK.