Do We Want To Try This Sunday 4/15/07?


Apr 1, 2006
Overland Park, Kansas USA
Not that the weather girl at Fox TV is any better at prognostication but she's a whole lot cuter than Gary!

Rain through Saturday and projected 68 for Sunday. After taking the beast to Engle last week with it 26 outside, this ride will be a piece of cake. Anyone interested in joining me for a little ride. Maybe St. Jo to see Rusty...... or Warrensburg to eat pizza with Hondax.

The floor is open for discussion!

P.S. Am I the only person posting here? If nothing else, say hello and tell us what you've been doing ( 0r not doing) the past few weeks. This doesn't always have to be about the next ride.....huh? Like an officer contacting the dispatcher - keep us informed on how you are and what's going on.

I'm the senior member in this group and I've assigned myself the duty of checking on the herd and counting heads to be sure all is well and we haven't lost one who broke through the fence. Let's not get into that " No news is good news" syndrome.

Knowing this bunch, there's something weird, strange, unusual, uncomprehensible or goofy going on at any one time. Raymond can't be the only one with interesting things in his life. Check in once a week and if nothing else..... just say hi and hang up the phone!

Respect your elders and help make THIS OLD MAN HAPPY.
Hey Pianoman, I'm kinda in a "Do I ride, or do I install some bling for the next ride" quandry. I would love to put some miles on the Rocket, but I would also love to put some of the latest articles of pleasure on the bike too. I did slip the Triumph gel seat on last weekend (Easter Sunday) & went for a short ride. Too short to really tell if my butt was
":)" or not, cause the rest of me was too **** cold.

I've got the: Throttle Meister, AutoCom system, Signal Minder, Gas Tank Bra & TOR's in the basement waiting for their turn to go for a Rocket ride. I also have the Leatherlyke Saddlebags & Progressive 418 HD shocks on order (in fact, the bags may be in). But, ridin' is most likely the most important right now. Let's see what they are saying about the weather when it gets closer to Sunday. We've got good Mexican food, large Tenderloins, decent BBQ, or there is a new place in town (old one that has been re-opened) where a few bike riders (I don't prefer the term "Bikers") hang out which is full of nestalga. Let's keep in touch & see what everyone else is doing. Heck, if it means more riders will participate, I'll consider riding down there again & meet up with you guys.

Keep in touch.
I could be up for a ride on Sunday. Been super busy at work the past couple of weeks, could use a break. The weather is clearly getting me down. Had dinner with a friend at Le Fou Frog last weekend...excellent! Tonight i am a judge at an architectural event in HOK's new offices in River Market. Hope all you guys are well. Pianoman remember to call on Sunday as I probably won't bring my computer home.
How fast do you think 3 inches of snow will melt & evaporate? If we get the snow accumulation they have been speaking of, things will be kinda sloppy by late morning on Sunday. If conditions become decent for a ride, it may be late enough in the day that a "long distance" ride to St. Joe (from KC) or from KC (to St. Joe) will be questionable.

Pianoman, could you "cozy" up next to that weather gal at FOX you speak of and persuade her to call off the snow? Maybe while you're that close, you could even offer her a good back rub, which could then evolve into a full body massage, with oils and incence flowing.

If she is that easy, please let me know. I'm looking for a gal to get my hands on.

See ya.
Just My Luck

This whole thing about " Spring is Here" is for the birds........and I don't even think they want it right now. I'm guessing Friday the 13th didn't help the Sunday plans by predicting 2-3 inches of snow.

Okay, I give up. Maybe if we don't plan anything or at least say we're not going to ride.....the weather will probably be beautiful.

I'm officially calling off this Sunday's ride!

Rusty....... You are cleared to "Bling" all day long

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"Bling into Spring". The theme for Sunday.

Pianoman, if you would quite "anticipating" a good day for a ride, maybe we could all get together & put some miles on the bikes. But, if you continue to plan a ride, we'll continue to experience "winter" all summer long.