Apr 1, 2006
Overland Park, Kansas USA
Rusty and I are planning a get together this Sunday. He's in St. Jo and I'm in K.C. so we'll probably meet somewhere in between, have a bite of lunch and ride a little.

Anyone interested in joining us can send me a PM for details.


P.S. I'm meeting Rusty at the High Noon Saloon in Leavenworth, Kansas at 13:30 hours ( 1:30 pm for civilians). It's located at 206 Choctaw St. (About 2 blocks East of Hwy 7)

I'll be leaving Denny's at 105th and Metcalf at 12:30 pm ( that's still 12:30 for civilians) if you want to ride along. If not, maybe you can meet us at the eatery!
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I don't think I'll be able to make it this time (Poor Rusty is gonna get a complex).

If something changes I'll post something early tomorrow.
OK Tomo, just don't try to get out of the ES ride with us. I'm looking forward to getting together will all of the KC group riders.

See ya then if not before.
:D I'm locked into ES... The only way I'll miss that one is broken bones, and even then it will depend on which bones are broken cause I don't need them all. Besides, I have pain killers.
Boy....Was It Hot !

Rusty, myself and one of my HD friends ( yes, I like him but still make fun of his bike) met in Leavenworth for lunch. The High Noon Saloon didn't disappoint us when it came to good home cooked food. We all had the daily special of Chicken fried Chicken with mashed potatoes, cream gravy and corn with Texas toast on the side. Oh my God ..... it was too die for.

If anyone ever rides in that direction you need to stop and eat at this place. Rusty said the beer wasn't too bad either.

Afterwards Rusty had planned a nice ride that would loop counter clockwise out of Leavenworth and then bring us back but my friend and I were too exhausted from our ride up there so we took the "woosie" route and headed home. Got home, hit the shower and then collapsed for a short nap. That's what being old is all about!