Living Legend
Feb 25, 2006
This is kind of an extension of another post, but I wonder how many Rocket III owners are out there that are computer illiterate, so to speak, Many people I know and deal with have never been on the internet, and don't ever plan on doing so. I know of at least one Rocket III owner who has never been on the net... he calls me at home from time to time (which is fine by me) and I set him up with snail mail addresses or phone numbers of different accessory retailers or tell him about the latest fixes or hop ups....

I wonder if typing has something to do with it... I'm a crappy typist, a two finger hunt and peck(er) artist... but thanks to the wonders of "Preview post" I hope that my posts are largely readable. If you can't type at all it would be miserable to try and make even small posts. Any forum has its fair share of lurkers, and I wonder if some of those are people who can't type, but enjoy reading about what's going on.... Some of these forums become almost like a family to many, not so much a blog, but a place to check into everyday none the less.

It would be hard to answer these questions.. I'm more or less thinking out loud again. I don't know how you would get these folks on the internet... its almost as if the net offends them or they feel intimidated by it. I've tried to turn people onto it at work and in many cases its just a no go, ain't gonna happen. I don't think they realize what a great tool it can be, I don't think they can visualize or grasp what it could do for them, therefore they have no desire to put in the effort needed to learn a new "language". Whadayado???



Mar 4, 2006
Bel Air, MD
Find super cheap computers that are good for browsing and email. I think more people who aren't computer literate think there is a decent investment to be made so they use that as an excuse not to get into the "game". See if you can find a second hand computer store near you and price out their computers. Maybe a nice bargain would get a few of them to try a computer.

What I did for my parents was give them an old computer, bought them a really nice flat screen monitor and then showed them step by step how to turn on the computer, open a web browser, find google, type in a URL, bookmark favorite sites, check their email and of course how to turn it off. Since my parents were involved I invested a lot of time and some money so the amount of effort may be less for friends but just focus on showing them how to do the basics and let the rest go from there.

If they are really good friends and they trust you try installing VNC on their computer and yours so you can remotely control it for them. You can give them some tutorials from your house to theirs while you both drink beer in your underwear..hahaha.