Standard Bore
Aug 19, 2007
Hi Guys, I'm a newbe.
I have a Henderson, an old Hog and a R3.
They R3 has only 5500 miles on it so far this summer.
I have a quick question about passenger heat.
My poor girl friend is a game rider, but you can cook an egg on her right leg from the Jardine Header. I don't get it because it blows under me. She gets it right in the shins. I've owned 10 bikes before this one to include a hot running EH. I've never seen this before.
Is there a fix? I'm wondering if a rear peg relovater ala Rivco will get her pretty leg out of the hot prop wash. Any ideas??
Thanx Brian

Welcome,A member called TravelGuy has had really good luck cutting down pipe temps with ceramic coating..He makes pipes for the rocket and seems to have really cut down on the heat with them..CK some of his older posts...Jack
My wife had the same issues untill I removed the cat box, you can't have a cat box with the jars:confused::confused:. the jars should reduce backpressure and lessen the heat. Are you sure its not the radiator heat ???
I had the Jardines and my girlfriend also complained of the heat. I didn't like the fit from the headers to the pipes so I sent them back after a trip to the beach and back. they sound really good but the fitment and the heat was terrible. I'm running stock pipes now with a cat by-pass. it doesn't sound as good as the jardine pipes but a lot better than stock.
ceramic helps but the real "trick" is the stainless steel through out.

I have to take you to task on that statement. What is the difference between the heat transfer properties of stainless and the mild steel in the stock header and how does that relate the the radiant spectrum of heat the engine is generating as a by product of combustion?
let me refer you to sidecar... they explain it better than i can. one thing i know is it works. tell ya what.. i have a set of headers i fab'ed that the first 3 inches are mild and the rest stainless.. ill video the temp difference for you and post it.
if you doubt the properties of stainless check out why headers turbos etc are done in ss on nascar, planes etc.
or if you prefer after p9's demo'd the set you're welcome to try them yourself.
the stock manifold is ss by the way. problem is it is overcome by the poor design and restrictive cat and excessivley lean stock tunes.
actually flip a simple example of mild vs steel is your bbq.. crank a mild steel one up to 400 degrees and a ss one and feel the difference in the radiant heat.
The reason I bring this up is that the molecular differences between stainless of a generic grade and mild steel are very similar other than the nickel content and a trace of sulfur for drawing/machining capability. I have a set of custom made stainless headers on my T100 that I first ran without ceramic coating and then with. The difference between the ceramic and the non ceramic was quite noticeable especially the post cool down period which leads me to the assumption that the ceramic coating does provides more heat transfer than the stainless in a raw form. I pull a little tube myself. I have a unlimited access to a Baleigh mandrel bender. I have no doubt your headers perform well. The stock system is a compromise at best, due to production concerns and profitability. To equip a Rocket with all the accessories that we all desire would push the price of the bike past any competitive selling price. My only (personal) concern is the lack of heat shielding on your headers. In as much as the EG temperature will never drop below 1K at operating rpm, the lack of shielding, while aesthetically nice, could cause hot drawers in the right situation. Besides, if you follow current legislation, I believe you are going to find that lawmakers will require that eventually all motorcycles be periodically tested for ambient noise emissions and the exhaust system carries an agency tattoo stating compliance with the ordinance (whatever that will be). Some municipalities have already adopted noise emissions testing and I'm sure many others will follow suit. It's not about noise, it's really about revenue and it's sad we are all caught in the middle but that's the way it is.