BanjoBart got a new Rocket

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Jul 16, 2006
20150 Mc Carty Rd. Deerfield, Michigan 49238
My mother-in-law just called to tell my wife (Amy) that Bart got a New R3. She said it's red....., but is it GAY??

Looks like next year there will be 2 of us coming out, that is if we survive the ride. Bart and I are real competitive when we ride together, especially in a straight line.:D

This brother-in-law of mine has way too many bikes for a mortal. Of course, you can't count VTX's as bikes right?? Minus them, he has 2 which is about right.:p

2 Rockets in one family....OUTRAGEOUS
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Congratulations Bart!!

Ole' Flip's kinda on your case :D... don't the two of you go killin' yourselves with these things, things happen fast over 100 mph!!

Hey... we need some picks :eek:
Red paint, black motor, 2006. I needed a red bike to go with the black and blue bikes. Always wanted a red one.

I have a Windvest 16x16 windshield on order and a Cat Box Bypass coming, too. I like the sound without the cat box, the demo Rocket I rode had this feature. I do not like loud pipes but I don't want to ride a sewing machine either.

Also on order is the exhaust flange cover by Rivco, a chrome brake reservoir cover and a K&N air filter.

I yanked the under seat snorkel, labels and reflectors off first thing. Now I can store papers, maps, etc. under the seat.

I sat on it for two 100 mile rides down the back roads already (2.5 hours each without a break) and the bike seems comfortable. I may not buy risers and a gel seat, at least not until next year. I would like to travel on this bike and may get Saddlemen bags with the EZ brackets. I will not purchase Leatherlykes again. I also use a Cruiser Bag with backrest fastened on the pasenger seat on long trips, I have to carry a CPAP machine with me.

This Rocket is a very fine machine that will last as long as me. I am very pleased. I also did the zero down, 4.9% five year finance deal which saves me $1,320 over the 8% at my credit union charges. This deal expies 9/30/06. Three bike payments and a truck payment, I don't have any money but I owe a lot of it. The house is paid off, though which makes this bike buying insanity possible. I am very happy, I have craved a Rocket III since I first saw one two years ago. It is a bug eyed beast. Not too pretty but not ugly either. In my view the Triumphs, VTX's and V-Rod are in a class all their own. All good cruisers that will serve the owner well.

I have been riding three years now and have logged 50,000 miles. My favorite rides are the UP of Michigan, Colorado and the Blue Ridge/Cherohala/Deals Gap area of Virginia, Tennesee and NC. Southern Ohio is nice, too.
I could do the UP.... I would like to get up to Reed City and Wolf lake in the middle of the lower penninsula... my family's old stomping grounds.