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Oct 2, 2007
Howdy! I'm a newbie here on R3, but not a newbie to Triumph. I have an '03 Speedmaster and am looking to add a bike to the corral. Looking at the R3 for more power and longer cruisability. Hoping that Triumph finds it in their heart to offer one with a full fairing, but not a HD bagger clone. Would love something like this - I think the ST type fairing would be awesome on the R3. Would buy this bike in a second....
I've always liked the "sleekness" of the ST fairing. The Alien head-shaped fairings that reside on the HD baggers/Goldwings make the bikes look fat and awkward IMO.
Welcome to the forum and join in often.

Good looking plastic. I hadn't thought about Corvettes or Saturns in quite awhile.

Particularly appealing is what appears to be a redesiged radiator.

Welcome aboard Cruiser...imagine how much better this bike would look with a set of beetle bags on it. Thanks for sharing.:)
Yeah, the fender matching contour of the Beetles would be pretty cool. Here's a question - I wonder how incredibly difficult it would be to adapt an ST fairing (like from a FJR 1300) to the R3? Probably take someone who had a fair amount of mechanical ability, extra pocket change and a LOT of time on their hands.
I'm very mechanically inclined and really enjoy fabricating stuff for my bike, just don't have the finances or much extra time on my hands. Something to mull over though....

Edit: 1st problem - Handlebar on the R3 would have to be narrowed/replaced with narrower set, methinks. Looking at ST bikes, their bars just don't stick out as far. I think with the rake of the R3, a narrower set could be doable. The R3's steering feels lighter than my Speedy which is most likely a result of the reduced rake of the Rocket.
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Welcome Aboard

Hope you enjoy the ride and the forum. You should get together with Flip and Rusty as they both are very adept at fabrication. Might even have Tomo set up a tech group like he does with riding groups. Just a thought!