Alamo BMW/Triumph - Open 18 Dec


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Mar 8, 2006
La Vernia, TX
Just got an e-mail from the dealer. Alamo BMW/Triumph will be opening for business 18 Dec. It's about time we got a dealer in the San Antonio area... although it's still about 1 1/2 hours away.. :) They don't have any Triumph info on their web site yet, but hopefully that will change soon..

"Dave, we'll be open for business at the new store on Dec. 18th, but probably won't have a grand opening until early Spring. We want to get all the kinks worked out first, but we will be open and have a great selection of bikes and apparel. Regards, Suzanne"
Gonna go check out this new dealership tomorrow.. See how much they're gonna kill on tires, etc.. Don't know what Triumph stuff they have in stock yet, but I do need an oil filter... :)
Getting back into motorcycles about 8 or 9 years ago, I found a Honda magna on the net that Alamo BMW was selling. There price was great and needless to say I drove 6 hours one way to pick up the bike. All there were super nice and a pleasure to deal with. If I remember right they are autherized Shelby mechanics, there were a few there the day I was there. They also had a few old bike in great shape especially an old Indian in mint condition. The new place looks top notch. Good luck to them.
I have stopped by their old location a couple of times, and they definitely have alot of neat projects going on at all times. That is certainly a good thing to see. I'm glad of all the local dealers, that they decided to pick up Triumph.
The dealership is definitely a nice place! They're still setting up and getting parts inventoried and ready for sale, but it sure looks promising. Didn't hurt that they had a nice 427 Cobra replica race car sitting out front.... :) Like they're web site says, they also have a go-kart track on site which looked like alot of fun!

The guys there had actually never heard a set of TORs on a Rocket before. They have two stock Rockets in stock at the moment. So they were impressed to be able to actually hear a Rocket run instead of the silence of the stock mufflers..:)

They also have a couple of Meriden Triumphs including a nice looking 500cc racer sitting up front. :)

For those familiar with the area, they are about a mile east (south actually) on I-10 from Javelina Harley Davidson.
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Bear and I rode over to this dealer two weekends ago. I think they had one Rocket III and it had a sold sign on it. Not much in accessories, gear, or clothing that I could see. I asked about differant specific items and the kid had to look them up in the books and on the internet. He didn't seem very knowledgeable about stuff. Even though it is closer than Waco I will probably continue to ride to the dealer in Waco when I need stuff. Or call and have them ship stuff to me. Although Bear had been there a few weeks before and some kind of service he asked about seemed cheaper. But to me if the counter kid didn't even know about the whimpy horn or the choice of mirrors on the new Rocket touring model then I am worried about the mechanic. But like you said maybe down the road when they are more established and set up....
Yes, I am disappointed with the kid they have doing Triumph stuff as well. They do have more accessories and such out now. They also had an R-III Tourer there a couple of weeks ago, but it's now gone.

If I they were a little closer to the house, I would go work there and take over the Triumph part.
If you notice improvement let me know. Or if you get to have anything mechanical done let me know how that goes, too. I am just glad I don't need to take mine to dealer anytime real soon. Just hit the 20,000 mark and the stuff that needs to be done bear can do.
For you guy, I would still go to Waco. Waco is a great shop and I sure wish they were closer to me.. :)

My employer's contract is up, well actually today, pretty sure it will be renewed or I'll be picked by the winning bidder, but... if I find myself looking for a job, I might still try to get on out there at Alamo. I have 20 years of customer service and enjoy talking Triumph with people.. :) The 50 mile one-way trip is the killer. Guess I'd have to buy a Bonneville to be really good on gas.. :)