2007 Triumph Daytona 675 Triple & Rocket III GT


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Mar 5, 2006
Kansas City, MO USA
Good news for fans of the new Triumph Daytona 675 triple. It has been an instant success for Triumph and the bike is pretty much on backorder worldwide", Trevor Barton from Product development states. Barton also told us that Triumph will build more than 7500 675s for the 2007 model year. That’s a staggering 17% of the overall production of Triumph motorcycles at Hinckley. No doubt the 675 has been a big hit! Expect one or two new colours, like the Jet black pictured, and not much else on the 2007 Daytona 675 Triple.

All current colour options will remain the same for 2007 and Triumph is right now deciding whether to add another option such as Jet Black. Simon Warburton, Triumph Product Manager, admitted that Jet Black is a nice colour. A surprise for Triumph has been the popularity of the graphite colour option. Triumph only planned 5% of the 675 production with this colour option. Expect this option to be more readily available in the dealer network next year. The 2006 batch has already been sold out so the 2007 production batch will be on sale already from this autumn.

Triumph overall sales has increased by 29%http://www.raptorsandrockets.com/images/Triumph_Daytona_675_056nn.jpg during the last year where the figures are expected to be even higher this year where the 675 has contributed heavily. Other best sellers are the Sprint ST and Speed Triple. As a matter of fact Speed Triple and the original 1997 595 Daytona are the only two other models to have made such a big initial impact on the market as the 675 Triple. Triumph is expecting the 675 to exceed these in sales and make history for the old English motorcycle manufacturer. When we spoke to Tue Mantoni (Commercial director) last year Triumph expected to build 38.000 motorcycles in 2007. This number has now, after the Daytona 675 and ahead of new 2007 model launches, been increased to 45.000. Sales were expected to rise 25% each year. Of the 7500 675s planned for 2007 2500 of them are earmarked for the US market-33% of all the Daytona 675s in other words. Whilst other European manufacturers are struggling Triumph can’t seem to do anything wrong at the moment.
Simon Warburton, Triumph Product Manager, comments on impact: “In terms of impact, it’s hard to say which bike had the biggest impact when first launched – Daytona 595, Sprint ST, Rocket III, Speed Triple 1050, Daytona 675…. They’ve all made a big impact, but we expect the 675 to be our biggest selling bike ever next year. The Speed Triple won’t be far behind, though.”

Triumph is in usual fashion not willing to comment on future models. But the signals we are getting from various sources tell us about a brand new Tiger and a faired touring version of the Rocket III. An obvious new model will be the replacement of the Speed Four as Triumph no longer makes in-line four engines. You don’t need to be “in the know” to understand that the 675 Triple engines will form the base of a new middleweight naked to replace the Speed Four. And the poor old Daytona 955i is the subject of never ending speculation. When will Triumph launch a new big Daytona? Well, if we get a new Tiger, new Speed Triple 675 and another Rocket III then it certainly won’t happen next year. 2008 will be a big year for litre+ sportsbikes designed for road and racing. Aprilia will have a road biased RSV 1200, Ducati will have an 1148 for the road and world superbike and KTM will launch the RC8 1150 already this autumn. A new breed of litre + sportsbikes for the roads is coming and surely this will be an irresistible segment for Triumph to place its triple magic? No, says Warburton on a big Daytona: “If we were going to bring out a big Daytona, I’d know about it. Take it from me – if you want a Triumph sports bike, get a 675. You won’t be disappointed!” Words: Tor Sagen/CGs: Robert O'Brien

From Raptors & Rockets http://www.raptorsandrockets.com/news.html

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If you want a state-of-the-art sports bike....

Buy the Daytona 675, I say. Best sports bike on the market IMO, pretty much regardless of engine displacement and rated power. Most mag comparos have drawn the same conclusion, some in a puzzled or even embarrassed sort of way. Mine was drawn after a short test ride last Feb., as Pig9 (tease)R will no doubt recall, in the absence of any press hype at the time:)

PS It also happens to be light years ahead of its "big" predecessor, the Daytona 955i (I used to own one) on all accounts. I just cannot fathom why a 1050cc Daytona should necessarily be a better mount than the 675.

Here I go again...

Another comparo including the Daytona 675. An editorialized sequel to the SWA Super Test I reported on earlier, with more "subjective" valuations than in the latter. Usually guarded (we, the Swiss, are neutral, after all) "Moto Sport Suisse" monthly says: "Une étoile est née".

A star is born, literally :)
When the Daytona 675 went up against the big guns, after winning all the middleweight crowns, it was beaten on the track by less than a second by litre class bikes who had won their respective class titles! This bike ROCKS!!!